I was finally able to get the pictures and videos of Amelia’s birth off the cell phone… 

I didn’t write this before, but last week when I was looking at the pictures and watching the video’s over and over again – i felt so emotional. I was on the verge of tears by just looking at everything. And when I had the pictures and video on the laptop and viewed them I became emotional again.

I still can’t believe Amelia went from this: 

3 minutes old

to this:

One year, 2 weeks, and 4 days old.

and only a year has gone by.

Here are the video’s from my brothers cellphone (all the pictures were taken with his cell too):

**WARNING** The first video is of her birth – you don’t see any of my ‘stuff’ but there’s blood (only a little) and my jelly belly.

I remember my Mom telling me how beautiful the umbilical cord was. It’s something odd to remember but that’s one of things from my experience that sticks out.

I really can’t describe the feeling I have while watching these videos over and over. There really are no words to write out; and I don’t want to say “only a person who has given (or witnessed) birth knows the feeling” because, even though that’s probably true, it sounds unfair to me. 

Seeing everything all over again reminds me to finish off my Year 2007 synopsis for the blog…


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