Home again…

Ocean City – Day 1

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home again.. jiggity jig.

the trip report is in progress and I will try to have it complete by tomorrow night, or Tuesday at the latest.

In the mean time Greg and I have been busy today; including TWO trips to Ikea (so thankful that we have two in our location); picking up the Meles, grocery shopping, tons of laundry and some furniture assembly (finally).

Greg and I are so happy to have Amelia home with us. We missed her terribly (and also enjoyed the time together). We’ve talked about taking a small family vacation (us three, Sean, Aaron, Mom and maybe more) vacation to Ocean City this summer – mainly for Amelia. What one and a half year old wouldn’t love to play in the sand and beach?! I’m sure I loved it when I was her age (because I STILL love it).

Once Amelia was in my car and we were heading to College Park for an Ikea stop (second one for the day), my Mom called within a half hour and was asking when she could have Amelia again. Mom was telling me how much she already misses her Mealie-bug. I thought that was cute but a little too soon. But, that’s my Mom. And, I believe she was hinting about baby number two!

Greg kept his promise and maintained his shaven face for a week and now he’s letting it grow back; majority won so he’s decided to go back to his old look.

I’m looking forward to this Friday because Greg and I, along with Tim and Brooke, are going to see Blue Man Group in Baltimore. We’ve been wanting to go longer than we’ve known each other and I’m so excited that I was able to score an awesome set of tickets for well below market value (thanks to Ed). I’m so excited that I was able to do something for Greg that he’s been wanting to do for a while. I remember last year we were talking about getting tickets for his birthday but the funds weren’t available at that time; which makes this going even more special (because I remember how excited he was last year about the thought).

Now, I need to plan something uber special for Greg’s 30th birthday this year. I would love to get all of his friends together but I don’t know how I am going to be able to orchestrate that. I should probably contact a few of his co-workers and work something out with them…

There are some other things going on but those shall wait for now. I have to clear the clutter of thoughts in my mind first. But, in due time there will be a clearing.


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