Moody Blues

I’ve been moody this week. After all, I am on my off week and “IT” has arrived (this morning). I am just not in the mood to do anything, much less write and update. Sorry.

My patience level is extremely short; I was on the verge of driving my car through all the slow drivers this morning. Then, at work, I felt (and still feel) like yelling at people who call and don’t understand that if you use more gas than the previous billing cycle, you’re going to have a higher bill. I swear I am on the verge of snapping.

I would leave if more it weren’t for the fact that more than half of the office didn’t show up for work today; which adds to my frustration.

I’m also annoyed that my body, or bladder to be exact, is making me pee every hour – on the hour. At least it’s a satisfying pee (meaning I pee more than just a trickle). My Mom says it’s the water retention that’s making me pee so often. I don’t know if that has any truth in it, but I guess that could make some sense – except that this ‘event’ doesn’t occur each time “IT” arrives.

Yes, I know – divulging too much information. Bla bla bla…

I’m hoping my mood improves by Friday for the concert. I would hate to be in a bad mood and not be able to enjoy the show just because of “IT”.

In other news…

I found roundtrip tickets to Detroit for $98 a piece! I have to purchase the tickets by 02/19/08 and fly by 06/25/08. I sent an email to Greg and his step-mom, Denise, to coordinate a visit.

At least something positive is happening.


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