Happy Valentine’s Day

Wishing all my readers (even the lurkers) a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Greg and I don’t have any plans to celebrate (I’ve never been much of a Valentine fan), but we did exchange cards this morning and tonight we’re going to drink some champagne (we never drank the bottle we bought to celebrate our anniversary with) as we dine on spaghetti and meatballs tonight. Oh so romantic, no?

Oh, and Greg sent this wonderfully written love letter this afternoon:

My special Valentine,

  Happiest of happy wishes on this day of Love.  I know I have told you a thousand times how much Love I have for thee, but thusly I would tell you a million more.  Mere words cannot hope to explain my love and devotion to you.  Nay be stars in the sky, or sand on thine beach, or bubbles in thine bath that equil the love I have you thou.  I would fight an Army just to protect you, Journey to the ends of the earth, even swing across a pit of alligators on a very pixelated vine for you my love.  My only wish and dream apon thine earth is to kiss thou’s wonderious lips just once more.  Till we meet agains my dearest love.  My heart is yours.

With all my Love,

Sir Greggy

Yes, that is the actual email – no editing on my end. The love of my life has such a way with words…

Greg was rather surprised that I got the reference to Pitfall!; guess that just shows how much we were made for each other.

Sadly, that was the only highlight for the day. My work day sucked moldy, hairy, monkey… tails. I was so tempted to just leave. And, I know tomorrow is going to much worse since there will be ever fewer people! Blah! I don’t even want to think about it.

Once work was finallyover, Greg and I met at the grocery store and did some minor shopping (just enough to get us through the weekend) and decided to head next door to the chinese buffet for dinner (we were both too hungry and too lazy to cook dinner). I was expecting the restaurant to be empty, as was Greg, but we were both wrong! There was a waiting period to be seated! I’ve never seen this place, or any other chinese buffet, so packed! It was nuts. But we ate there anyway. Dinner was yummy and Amelia … well… she’s into the phase of taking a bite of something and then throwing it across the room; or she’ll hand it to me – fresh from her mouth. What a delightful daughter I have.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great night.


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