Friends, Travel, & Amelia

Today was weird; Greg, Mom and I all thought it was Sunday. Today felt like a Sunday. Thankfully, it isn’t Sunday – yet; it will be in 59 minutes.

Greg and I didn’t get home until 12:30am after the concert. But, I’ll write all about Blue Man Group later.

Amelia woke up at 7:30 and Greg took care of her while I slept until 8:30 (have I mentioned how awesome Greg is?). Once I was up I started on the laundry and completed 3 loads; yay me.

Greg decided to take a nap at 9 and I took care of Amelia. She was one cranky baby. Nothing made her happy; she would cling to me like she wanted to be held but as soon as I had her in my arms she would wriggle to get out. There was no winning with her. Finally at 10am she decided to take her first nap. As soon as she was in the crib I went to wake up Greg. Greg and I laid in bed and chatted until 10:30, at which I got online to check email and started to write Jay back (congratulating him on passing his exam and replying to his decision to set short and long term goals) but I was constantly distracted and didn’t finish that task until a little after 1pm; and Amelia slept until 11:30!

 Around 1:30 we left to go to Target. Our goal was to get new sippy cups for Amelia (as Max, the dog, ate one of her cups while at Moms and the lid to another cup broke), get another bookcase and to look at microwaves. We ended spending over two hours in Target! Oh, and we bought a RED microwave! next, when we feel the need, we’re going to get a RED toaster (how geeky am I?)! I get so excited over the smallest things.

While we were at Target, Amelia’s sour mood followed and the only thing that kept her happy was when she could walk with us (she refused to sit in the shopping cart)!

Running through Target

At least she behaved, mostly. Actually, I was rather surprised at how well she did and her lack of interest in tearing things off the shelf. Of course, the one shelf she tried her hardest to destroy was the shelf that hosted all the baby-food in GLASS jars; only one made it to the floor and didn’t break! Then, when we were in the clothing section, Amelia decides to have a little shopping spree and just grabs clothes, willie nillie, off the racks and carry them over to our cart!

I'll take this...
... and this...
la dee da...

Unfortunately, she selected clothes that we too small.

Amelia’s mood didn’t improve any when we came home and she fought sleep until 4:30! I called my Mom and she said it sounded like Amelia was starting the ‘terrible twos’ early and then she went on to remind me of how much I kept saying that I couldn’t wait until Amelia was at this stage after she was born; I reminded Mom that I wasn’t complaining about Amelia’s random moments of fussiness or crying, but just letting her know what’s going on (after all, she asks me every time we talk on the phone what Amelia’s up to).

Fast forward to about 7:30,  Amelia was already fed, bathed, and in bed (though not asleep; that won’t happen until nearly 10pm!) and I see my girlfriend Kara is online. Kara and I started at PRP at the same time (we were in training together) and our friendship was pretty much instantaneous! Kara is going to be one of my bridesmaids, along with Michele and my cousin April is going to be my maid of honor. Kara and I chatted for nearly two hours. Kara always knows what to say to make me feel so special to her; for example:

Kara (2/16/2008 8:36:35 PM): I’m so proud of you for just being who you are.  I have never met a person who was more true to themselves than you are.  You are such an amazing person. 
Jessica (2/16/2008 8:37:39 PM): *sniff* you’re making me all emotional and teary-eyed!

Kara (2/16/2008 8:38:32 PM): Well, I just adore you.  You will always be my friend!  I will MAKE you ALWAYS be my friend!  So don’t get any ideas.

Mostly, Kara and I talked about wedding stuff . Here are some excerpts from our chat (and show what silly sense of humor she has):

Kara (2/16/2008 8:57:07 PM): I’m glad you like saturated color tones and not pastels.  I would not like it if I had to wear a pastel bridesmaid gown.  I would and will if you end up choosing one in that color but red is soooo much better!
Jessica (2/16/2008 8:57:54 PM): oh, this isn’t going to be a girly, prissy wedding
Jessica  (2/16/2008 8:58:10 PM): all bold, vibrant fall colors

Kara (2/16/2008 8:58:18 PM): So I shouldn’t worry about shaving my pits, then?
Kara (2/16/2008 8:58:24 PM): Great!

Shortly after we were talking about dresses and she was telling me about her friend Lisa and her experiance with the David’s Bridal that’s near where I live…

Jessica  (2/16/2008 9:07:43 PM): well, since this is all new to me – it would be awesome if you could accompany me one day
Kara (2/16/2008 9:08:04 PM): That ought to be good for a laugh!  We’ll have those salespeople in tears.
Jessica  (2/16/2008 9:08:59 PM): with my brutal honesty and indecisive mind, it could be an adventure for them
Kara (2/16/2008 9:09:16 PM): At the very least.

We also talked about locations for the ceremony and reception; she told me about her sister’s reception and Church:

Kara (2/16/2008 7:59:08 PM): My sister had her wedding reception at the King of France Tavern in Annapolis.  It included food and drink for about 60 people (maybe fewer, I’d have to check) for less than $4k. 
Jessica Frye (2/16/2008 7:59:27 PM): where was the ceremony?
Jessica Frye (2/16/2008 7:59:48 PM): ideally, I’d like the reception and ceremony at the same place
Kara (2/16/2008 8:00:05 PM): At St. Mary’s Church.  You can only join if you’re Catholic and live in Annapolis.  They’re snobs.
Kara (2/16/2008 8:00:27 PM): Ideally that would be ideal, wouldn’t it?
Jessica (2/16/2008 8:00:32 PM): lol
Jessica (2/16/2008 8:00:52 PM): well, given that Greg and I already have a baby – we wouldn’t be ‘approved’ of anyway in a Catholic church
Jessica (2/16/2008 8:01:14 PM): even more so if they knew i was still married at the time of conception and birth!
Kara (2/16/2008 8:01:21 PM): They don’t mind.  They just want your money.
Kara (2/16/2008 8:01:36 PM): It’s the Catholic doctrine.  Pay us, we’ll forgive anything.

This is what Kara had to say about her divorce:

Jessica (2/16/2008 8:18:21 PM): is your divorce coming to an end?
Kara (2/16/2008 8:20:03 PM): In the next few months.  B*** got the taxes done finally and we’re going to meet soon and take care of the rest.  Then we can do the paperwork.  I will probably just casually change my name prior to the divorce.  Otherwise I have to pay $70 and place an ad in two newspapers.  Ridiculous!

Kara (2/16/2008 8:20:58 PM): Now the next time I get married, I will have my wedding date on Sep 9 so we will always share an anniversary!
Jessica (2/16/2008 8:21:18 PM): so, aside from returning to the original Kara, what else is coming from the divorce?
Jessica (2/16/2008 8:21:29 PM): Your wedding would be Sept 6
Jessica (2/16/2008 8:21:34 PM): close though
Kara (2/16/2008 8:22:52 PM): I am getting Frequent Flyer Miles and don’t have to pay any of the fines for being late on the 2004, 2005, or 2006 taxes.  I am getting my health care paid until October 2009. 
Kara (2/16/2008 8:23:07 PM): I meant the 6th.  The computer typed it wrong.
Kara (2/16/2008 8:23:56 PM): I am also getting my virginity back.

And somewhere in the conversation Kara offered to make my wedding vail!

It was so awesome to catch-up with Kara. We haven’t seen each other in over a year (she visited me when I was in the hospital last Jan, just before I had Amelia, while sick with pneumonia); we’ve been trying to get together but our schedules conflict too often (she runs her own business and well, I’m just busy).

A little after 9pm we headed our seperate ways; she went to bed and I went to help Greg try to get Amelia to fall asleep. Amelia wasn’t being fussy or anything, she just couldn’t fall asleep. As soon as I got into our bed, Amelia crawled onto my chest and layed her head down and began to suck her thumb. That last about 2 minutes. Amelia didn’t fall asleep until around 10pm! Greg and I are hoping she’ll sleep in tomorrow morning, but just our luck – she’ll be up at 6:30am.

Once Amelia was asleep, I asked Greg to call his Dad and confirm our travel plan ideas and we’re now booked for a flight to Michigan! Here’s the email itinerary:

Reservation Summary



Thursday, May 22

Flight: Northwest Airlines
Depart: Baltimore/Washington Balt/Wash Intl, DC (BWI) Thu. May 22 9 AM
Arrive: Detroit Wayne County Metropolitan Airport, MI (DTW) Thu. May 22 10 AM
Cabin: Coach
Seats: Seats will be available within 90 days of departure.

Monday, May 26

Flight: Northwest Airlines
Depart: Detroit Wayne County Metropolitan Airport, MI (DTW) Mon. May 26 3 PM
Arrive: Baltimore/Washington Balt/Wash Intl, DC (BWI) Mon. May 26 4
Cabin: Coach
Seats: Seats will be available within 90 days of departure.
Once the tickets were paid for I added the new countdown ticker on the side!! I’m so excited that I am flying somewhere! Oh, and the reservations were choosen by the type of plane we’ll be flying on – as it was Greg’s request. So, on the way back we’ll be flying on a DC10 which is a plane he’s never flown on; oh, the simple things that make Greg happy!

2 thoughts on “Friends, Travel, & Amelia

  1. 1) Amelia is so darn cute I want to squish her cheeks.

    2) Kara sounds like a KICK ass friend and you are SO lucky.

    3) Blueman ROCKS. We saw them a few years ago in Boston. Best night of my life.

  2. 1) Amelia is so darn cute I want to squish her cheeks.

    2) Kara sounds like a KICK ass friend and you are SO lucky.

    3) Blueman ROCKS. We saw them a few years ago in Boston. Best night of my life.

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