Date with the Government

Today I have three ‘dates’ with the government:

  1. Date with the MVA to do a name change
  2. Date with the Post Office for the passports
  3. Date with the SSA to correct my DOB and change my name for their records (even though I still have my original SS Card)

Sounds busy, huh? I’m hoping the MVA and Post Office will be painless but I know the SSA will be like pulling teeth (and I know what that feels like).

Fortunately, I have a lot of things to keep myself occupied while I wait for my number to be called (when I’m at the SSA) , such as our trip to Ocean City in July (which my cousin April and I have been talking about all morning); the trip to Michigan in May; fantasize about the cruise we’re taking in March 2009; think of something special for Greg’s 30th birthday in April (and who I need to contact) and so much more! Besides, I have my camera if I get bored.


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