Trip to the Aquarium

Greg and I decided to head to the National Aquarium in Baltimore today, which was Amelia’s first trip to the aquarium.

We didn’t think it would be busy but it was; apparently a lot of other people felt it was the perfect day to go to the aquarium!

There really isn’t much to write about the aquarium; you walk around and look at fish exhibits. But, for some reason, Greg and I love to go to the aquarium (even though the last time was two years ago) and for the last year or so we’ve talked about buying a membership (I’ve been wanting to buy him a membership since the time we went back on Dec 16, 2005) but never had the money but I am thinking of buying the ‘couple membership’ as one of his birthday presents this year (don’t need to buy the ‘family membership’ since they don’t charge for anyone under three).

Without further adieu, here are the best pictures of the day:

Daddy and Me

All the Beautiful Sting Rays and Fish and a Sea Turtle

Greg and Amelia in the new (borrowed) baby backpack



Electric Eel

peek - a - boo


Amelia passed out!


all of the pictures can be seen on Flickr


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