None of This, Some of That

The weekend went by way too fast (what else is new?), but it was a good fast.

Sunday was spent at Greg’s Mom’s place to visit with his family. I had a nice time. I like Greg’s family better than I liked Adam’s Family (yes, start humming the tune…) although, to give credit, Adam’s Moms side of the family was a lot better than his Dad’s side (but, then again, I only had issues with his Dad and everyone but his grandparents). It’s kinda funny, in a sense, to hear Greg’s bothers make fun of Greg (and some of his exes) and tell embarrassing stories of each other; as the saying goes: Boys will be boys.

Pat adores Amelia and it’s so cute to see them together; he was constantly taking pictures and video clips of Amelia while we were there.

Amelia and Pat

Tickle Baby

Chit Chat

Pat leaves next Wednesday and won’t be back until August, when he’s being reassigned and heading out to Texas for 41 weeks; which brought up a subject: our wedding. I asked Greg if he’d like to get married in August, before Pat leaves, to make sure Pat can be in the wedding. So, the wedding date might be moved up, again.

In other news…

Two of our friends (that are married), Tim and Brooke have just announced that they are expecting their first bundle of joy!! Greg and I are so excited over this news! We’ve watched how much they enjoyed Amelia’s company at each RSC (the first one was when Amelia was two and a half months old) and Brooke said, many times, how Amelia’s personality and happiness makes her want to have a baby (nevermind all the negativity in the world).

Which is kind of weird because I had a pretty surreal dream that I found out I was pregnant (by blood work and a home pregnancy test) and when I awoke, because I had to pee really bad, I was slightly hesitant to go thinking I had a home pregnancy test and was thinking about using it, only to realize that I didn’t have the hpt so I could pee without thinking about “it”. But, I haven’t been able to shake the dream and now I’m considering buying a hpt just to put my mind at ease (or at least I hope so). Isn’t it annoying when dreams feel so real you can’t tell the difference (of life and a dream)?

Otherwise, there isn’t much to write about (well, there is but I am being too lazy). It was a slow and boring Monday in my world. How about yours?


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