All Caught Up

It’s been a busy week.

I had a lot of ‘grunt’ work to do with the law and government; mostly government but the law bit makes it sound more exciting.

On Monday or Tuesday I spent my entire lunch hour on the phone with the state of MD and the IRS help line. Why? Because, according to the state, I never filled my 1999 taxes therefore the state decided to ‘guess’ how much I owed and took a good chunk of my return. So, I found all the forms on the IRS’s website to get a copy/transcript of my 1999 filing to use to file my 1999 state taxes. I was told that if I was due a refund in 1999 that I wouldn’t get it, but I would get the thousand plus dollars they ‘stole’ from me back. Yippee!

And, today, I had my second ‘date’ with the government and finally (crossing my fingers) have everything straightened out with the Socical Security Administration and applied for my passport. Although, while at the SSA, I was informed that due to today being a Leap Day, their computers were not recognizing the date as the computers were formatting the date to be March 1, so I was told that my change of birthdate will not be ‘added’ until Monday (the chick told me she’d do the paper work on Monday). Should I worry that she may, inconveniently, ‘forget’ do submit this crucial information; I did tell her that I am applying for a passport this afternoon and I don’t want there to be any ‘confusion’. She told me not to worry and that by Tuesday the system will show the correct date.

Now, I have the rest of the afternoon for me. I’ve been home since about 2pm; had a bowl of cereal for lunch and just caught up on the blogging world and message boards. My plan is for the next how to clean and vacuum the living roo, and then go get Amelia early and take her by my job (to show her off) and then come home for the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, Greg and I have no plans what-so-ever and it’s weird. We’ve talked about going to get the second carseat (for Greg’s car) and going to the mall to get Amelia another pair of shoes (her feet are growing so fast). We’re hoping to see Pat before he leaves but he’s so hard to reach while he’s home.

Also, earlier this week I emailed Tim about a plan of mine for Greg’s 30th birthday – everything is working out well, for the moment.

Oh! Greg’s passport just arrived in the mail today!!! It only took a week to receive it after we, I mean he, applied. Shoot, I could probably have mine by the 10th of March (assuming the paper work doesn’t go out until Monday, the 3rd).

Other than that, there really ins’t much to write about. Boring week for me.

2 thoughts on “All Caught Up

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