In Like a Lion…

Wow was the wind blowing today!

Isn’t there a saying about March; “In like a lion, out like a lamb”


So, yesterday I didn’t get Amelia early and take her to work. Nope. I cleaned like the dickens! I figured I’d take advantage of having the place to myself and just started cleaning and getting a head start on the mountain of (Greg’s) laundry. The only ‘thing’ that didn’t get cleaned was the dining room table as it’s used for everything but dining (such as my computer table which is where I am typing from now). I didn’t take before and after pictures (shocker, I know) of the cleaning but I did think about it.

Cute Baby Moments

Amelia figured out what keys are for: the door!

Smart Baby!

for the last few nights Amelia would take my keys and walk over to the door. I was rather caught off guard with this action; she’s put two and two together and ‘learned’ what we use keys for and she is only 13 months old; is that a little early for her to think like this? I told this to my Mom and she didn’t seemed as surprised as I was – she stated that babies are more observant and smarter than we give them credit for; she’s probably right, except that I wouldn’t have thought Amelia would have picked up something as keys and door locks.

When I asked Amelia what she was doing, she flashed me this:

Big Smile from the Big Girl

Big Cheesy Smiles!

Then, this morning, I found a surprise in Amelia’s toy box…

Baby in the Box

Amelia! She loves to climb into and onto e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! She is becoming a little monkey!

Baby in the Box

This morning my brother called me to ask if I still had an extra inhaler because he’s out and can’t breathe. It would figure, once Greg and I finally have some ‘alone time’ that we would be interrupted. I almost didn’t answer the phone. Anyway, I get dressed and head over to Sean’s with my asthma medicine (and give it to him since I can get a refill for myself). Sean had some friends over, one of them being Craven and Craven brought over his new puppy, Keef:

Cute fat feet

Keef is 2 months old and is a bull dog. He has the cutest puppy feet! Playing with Keef made me want a puppy. Playing with Keef triggered some allergies and reminded me that I can’t have a puppy (at least now).

And finally we went to Target today to buy the second car seat for Greg’s car as well as some other odds and ends (pregnancy test for me) and I put bunny ears on Amelia just for this purpose:

Amelia the Bunny

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