Is the week over yet?

I hate this cold. I hate that Amelia is sick and can not, or will not, go to bed/sleep. I hate that I am so freaking tired yet can’t go to bed.


Ugh, and work was a bitch today. I didn’t go home, though was very tempted to, because they needed the support. At least I was able to finish the photo/memory book for Greg’s grandparents today. Here are a few pictures of the book (the rest are on Flickr):

Photo/Memory Book - Page One

Photo/Memory Book - Page Two

I finished the book in the morning, when it was slow, to which that was the only slow time during the day. I really had to drag myself out of the office to go to the bank and deposit that state check and then I really had to fight with myself to return to work. It was a rough day.

Plans for the weekend!

Well, after many weeks of Mom begging me to drop Amleia off for another extended stay, we’ve decided to take Amelia to Mom’s this weekend. It will work out well because we’re going to celebrate Easter at my Mom’s this year so since we’re heading down anyway – might as well take Amelia home with us after Easter (not sure if that sentice came out right – probably not – my brain is so not working right now). Once Amelia is with Mom, we’ve talked about doing some registry shopping: creating our wedding registry! This is, of course, if we’re feeling well by Saturday. And on Sunday we’re planning on visiting the Md Science Ctr (for real this time) and to see the Body Worlds exhibit, finally!

That’s all for now.


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