No Specifics

My voice is getting deeper and deeper; out out darn cold!

Amelia is getting better but this time change is making bedtime a nightmare! She screams at the top of her lungs when we place her in the crib; we don’t know if she’s going through separation anxiety, if it’s the cold, or she still thinks it’s 6:45pm rather than 7:45pm, either way it’s been a challenging two nights. And, so far, it takes us over an hour to get her to fall asleep – she fights off sleep with such tenacity!

Greg is starting to feel better too, I think. It’s hard to gage when he’s had a very draining day.

…. …. … … … … … … … …

I’m thinking of driving all the way down to Moms this weekend, rather than meet her somewhere in Waldorf, to scope out the land and get more thoughts/ideas about hosting the wedding and reception there. Plus, Greg hasn’t seen the entire property (20-ish acres all together), especially the part that is on the water, and I want him to check it out with me to see if this is a location that we can add to our ‘possible’ list. Also, i’m trying to figure out if, financially, we’d be better off at hosting at Moms than renting a place; I have to put into consideration the cost of tables, chairs, port-a-potties (and there are some luxury port-a-potties out there), tent, flooring for the dancing, and so much more! Now, as for food I am thinking something casual and fun – basically a big ol’ BBQ! Hey, it’s going to be Labor Day weekend, and everyone celebrates that ‘last day of summer’ by having a BBQ or attending a BBQ anyway so why not. I went to a 4th of July party that was hosted by one of Adams aunts (one that I liked on his mothers side) and she hired a guy to cook pit beef, turkey, and ham and I so want that if we have the wedding at my Moms. I love pit beef, ham, and turkey or basically anything slow cooked over a fire. It’s just hard to find a company that does the pit beef down in my Moms neck of the woods! But, alas, I have time…

Greg and I have talked, at more length, about plans for this weekend. It is decided that we will stop at Bed Bath, and Beyond to set up a wedding registry. We’re actually looking forward to go ‘registry shopping’. We both love BB&B and could spend days in that store. Also, we have a coupon for 40% off any item so we might do a little shopping as well (I’m thinking of getting Greg a waffle maker for his birthday). We’re also thinking of registering at Target, JC Penny, and/or Kohls. We (read: ME) feel that if we have a wide variety of stores, that offer different options and prices, that our guests will feel better about shopping. We’re more laid back, easy going, people and are not looking for expensive china or silver (and we’re probably not going to register for either), but some people in our family *ahem* are more traditional and that’s where JC Penny comes in (glasses and such – I don’t know).

Ok, so are there any other Top Chef fans out there? OMG! I have been waiting for the new season to start since like December! I remember how I got Greg hooked into the show… it was January 2007 and Greg (being the awesome father and ‘friend’ at that time) had taken two days off of work to take care of Amelia and me after I had my emergency D&C. As we all know, there is nothing good on network TV during the day, so we were flipping through the channels and came across Bravo and they were playing the entire second season of Top Chef and we watched it – all 8+ hours of it. I had seen a few episodes before but I didn’t become hooked until that Wednesday, January 24. I also remember watching The Land Before Time with Greg one of those days; and yes, we both cried with Little Foot’s mom died.

Other than the above, another uneventful Tuesday in my book.


2 thoughts on “No Specifics

  1. I could spend hours in Bed, Bath & Beyond too — and often have!

    Also a Top Chef fan too. Can’t wait to see the first episode.

  2. I could spend hours in Bed, Bath & Beyond too — and often have!

    Also a Top Chef fan too. Can’t wait to see the first episode.

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