By Request

Not too long ago (last week, I think), I posted asking for requests from my readers about things they’d like to see (that I haven’t already taken a picture of – which we all know that I am a photo-taking whore, the challenge, I’m sure, was to think of something I haven’t already taken a picture of). Well, J asked and I am finally answering (yes, I’ve been incredibly lazy for the last month)…

Pictures of my work space:

Desk View 1

Desk View 2

Not that exciting, I know. But, I love my spot! It’s a corner ‘lot’ and has a window (which you can’t see). I am lucky that they haven’t moved me in all the time I’ve been sitting there (since last April).

Pictures of Amelia’s room:

Dresser that my Mom painted and decorated (and the two tree’s on the side’ one representing spring and the other fall)

Whole dresser


Lamp that my Mom painted and decorated (just the shade in the picture. Oh, and that’s a Piloosa (pig painted like an appaloosa horse) that my Mom also paint, in the background)

Amelia's lamp

And here are views of the room. First from the door and the second from the windowView from Amelia's bedroom door

View from the window

Those two ‘rolls’ by the wall, next to the vacuum cleaner, are a few of our Christmas presents for the family. When we went to Ikea in February and learned of the huge quilt/comforter sale (we paid less than $10 on most of the quilts/comforters), we went back (also because my dresser had a few wrong pieces and they needed to be exchanged so Greg could finish assembling) to buy more as Christmas gifts. Presently, the others are still in Greg’s car (and I bet they will remain there until Christmas).

Finally, I can check this post off my running list of other things I need to ‘address’ (such as the Blue Man Group concert last month!).

Greg has eased up on his controlling, selfishness, of the new camera. I told him how he was behaving and he realized it as well and apologized. The camera is amazing. It is also the most expensive item (that wasn’t needed) that I have ever bought (the car doesn’t count because it’s needed). It’s a little daunting to think about what I just paid for vs what I should have used the money with, yet, at the same time, I consider this purchase as an investment. I told Greg last night, as we were sitting in my car at the ‘airport park’, hoping to take pictures of the planes taking off but we couldn’t because of the rain and fog, that our next significant purchase is going to be our wedding bands and he agreed. I also told him that I wasn’t going to choose a simple, solid metal only, band and to expect to see a price tag around the price of the engagement ring (not that I am placing a monetary value to the ring, but more along the lines of the style, cut of the diamond and quality – I now have high expectations with jewelry as such) and was cool with that. After the ‘airport park’ we headed over to Denny’s for dinner. Greg and I have been so, so, lazy this week. We haven’t done any grocery shopping and cleaning. Greg is leaving work early tomorrow and is going to take care of all that.

In other news…

We mailed the photobook to Greg’s grandparents last week. I’ve been asking (read: telling) Greg to call or email them so they know it’s coming (as he conveniently forgot to put a note in the box –  it was just the book in the box). Greg didn’t/doesn’t want to call them. Last night Greg’s dad calls and informs us that the grandparents received the book and have mailed a thank you (oh, the innocence of a thank you – who knew that some people would start a ‘war’ from receiving one) card/note to us. Part of me wonders if the thank you is just to be corial (read: forced because it’s the ‘moral thing to do’) or not. Curiosity of what the note says is getting strong. Also, I wonder why they didn’t call Greg when they received the book (there were other reasons why they called Greg’s dad – apparently, Pat didn’t tell anyone he was home on leave and they, the grandparents – who learned of his visit by seeing my pictures on Flickr – , and his Dad, who found out by the grandparents, were kinda pissed). It’s starting to get somewhat frustrating that neither Greg or his grandparents will … just …. be ‘man enough’ and talk to each other! Geez, we’re all adults here! I’ve been tempted to call Greg’s grandparents myself just to get the shit out in the open (I’m not afraid of confrontation – I’ve been dying to ‘talk’ to someone about her antics and the only thing preventing me from doing so is Greg’s plea for me not to)! Their behavior is childish.

That’s all for now, until next time….


One thought on “By Request

  1. Must.



    Lamp. 😉

    Also, * sighs * I remember when *I* used to have a work space, now if you asked for a picture, I’d have to take one of my kitchen. Or the laundry room. Or the bathroom. Muahahahahahaha.

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