Easter Weekend (in Detail)

I’m writing from work with the intent to cut and paste this; I know I will feel too lazy to write everything out when I get home tonight, so why not take advantage of company time, right? Saturday 

Greg didn’t do too much cleaning on Friday so I started some chores on Saturday morning. We got most of everything cleaned before we left and took all the trash out. It was a little after 11 am by the time we were on our way. The drive to Mom’s was uneventful and we arrived just before 1pm. I was surprised to see Sandy (one, of three, of Van’s daughters) and her two children, Ella (almost 5) and Miles (who is 4 weeks younger than Amelia) there! I haven’t seen Sandy and Ella since my wedding to Adam (back in 2003), when Ella was only a few weeks old and this was my first time meeting Miles.

Miles, Ella, Amelia, and Sandy  Amelia and Miles played together and loved jumping on Mom’s trampoline! Ella was being shy at first but quickly joined in the fun. Greg had plenty of ‘material’ to test his new camera on! The pictures from Greg’s camera turned out so well (most of the pictures of Ella and Miles, and of Olivia are set to ‘friends and family’ view as I don’t know how Sandy and April feel about having pictures of their children viewable by all. Only the ones that have Amelia in the picture with Ella, Miles, or Olivia, are viewable by all – so if you’re interested in seeing all sorts of baby cuteness, add me as a Flickr friend). Not too long after we arrived my Grandma and Uncle George (grandma’s husband but we still call him Uncle) arrive and then Van (my step-dad) arrives with his Dad!   Head count: 8 adults and 3 children 

The ‘boys’, except for Greg, are sitting in the living room and chatting amongst themselves, my Mom and grandma are in the kitchen setting food out and catching up, while Sandy, Greg, and myself are occupying the children.

Mr. G, George, and Van Mom (with her back turned) and Grandma


The weather was surprisingly nice on Saturday! So, after a while I suggest we all go outside for a walk. I had alterative motives to ‘show’ the property to Greg as a possible wedding/ceremony location. Yeah… didn’t happen. Mom and Sandy, along with Miles and Ella, went one way while Grandma, Amelia, Greg and I went another way. Grandma wanted to go see Lucy and Amelia trekked along while Greg and I took pictures.

Amelia and Grandma walking to see LucyLucy, Grandma, and Amelia  

While we were outside Clayton and April, along with Olivia, arrived! We greet April and Clayton at their car and Mom comes over and we say our hello’s and exchange babies and then head inside.

Olivia and Clayton  Head count: 10 adults and 4 children The usual chit chat and banter commences as I stand back and just observe. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been surrounded by so many family members. It was so nice to catch-up and re-connect with people I haven’t seen in ages.  Hey look! Sean has arrived!! Oh, wow! Is that Danny?! How sad is it that I didn’t recognize my own cousin! He’s lost so much weight!! Head count: 12 adults and 4 children Hey! Surprised guests!! Van’s brother, HD and girlfriend Ann with Victor (HD’s son from a previous marriage) and grandson, Sean (lil’ Sean)! The last time I saw HD, Ann, and Victor was in Nov. 07 at the funeral of Van and HD’s Mom. HD and Ann haven’t changed but Victor did… Head count: 15 adults and 5 children. A full house! 

By now it’s about 3:30 and we all start to eat. We had fried chicken, baked BBQ chicken, BBQ pork (cooked in a crock pot), homemade potato salad, deviled eggs (also known as egg boats), veggie platter, cheese and crackers and other assorted items. Greg and I take turns eating because Amelia is running all over the place.


After dinner Grandma and George leave (because they don’t want to get stuck driving in the dark – typical ‘old people’ sayingJ). After we said our good byes to Grandma and George, April, Sean, Greg, Clayton, Danny, and I sit on the floor with our babies and Miles and just talk and play on the trampoline. Greg and I tell Clayton and April about the ‘naughty caterpillar’ that Amelia received as a birthday present; it’s called the ‘naughty caterpillar’ because it won’t let you phonically spell bad or naughty words! April had a ball with the caterpillar and told Olivia “when we leave, we’re heading to Target so Mommy can buy one.”

April and the 'naughty caterpillar' Around 6:30 Greg and I head home with Amelia in tow. Amelia fought sleep to the bitter end! She fell asleep close to 8pm, when we were about 20 minutes from home. While en route, I called Lisa to let her know that we were behind schedule (we were suppose to be home by 7) and to tell her the new ETA. Once we made it home, I put Amelia to bed (she didn’t even wake while I was getting her out of the car seat, walking up the three flight of steps or undress her and then re-dress her for bed – it was weird) and Greg and I get ready to head back out! 

Once Lisa arrives, we leave to meet with a few of Greg’s co-workers/friends at a local pub/bar in Ellicott City for Gmac’s 30th birthday. We arrive at the bar a little after 9pm and stay until 11:45. I had a lot of fun. I had a few drinks and felt somewhat of a buzz, which is something I haven’t felt in a long time! I finally got the answers to Grant’s proposal to Astaria, which he did on Leap Day and they are planning an October 2009 wedding! Astaria and I chatted a bit about wedding plans and such and she showed me her beautiful ring and I showed her mine. It was fun to be a little girly. Greg and I had some snacks (me: crab dip, he: chicken quesadillas) and just hung out. Tim and I chatted about some things I can’t remember anymore, but I do remember talking about their pregnancy and how they feel and such (excited yet scared, worried, etc). Oh, and then I was asking Tim and Billy how they felt about traveling to our wedding. Both felt two hours was nothing and that they would totally be there! Billy even looked up the closest hotel by my Mom and said that’s where the after party, party would be! Billy then went on to mention how upset he was that Greg couldn’t make it to his wedding and my response was “blame it on his (Greg’s) ex.” But, the point of asking Tim and Billy about the travel was because Greg’s biggest concern is that people won’t be willing to attend if there is too much travel time; which I just proved that he doesn’t have to worry. As Billy was saying his good bye’s, he grabbed my hand and instead of shaking it, he gave me a kiss! Such the gentleman, that Billy. Later, as Greg and I were heading home, I asked him how he felt about Billy kissing my hand and he said “that was weird”.

Third Place  Greg and I make it home a little after midnight and go straight to bed. Sunday Greg attended to Amelia as I slept in; 8:30 am is now considered ‘sleeping in’. Ugh! When I woke, I headed out to the living room where Greg and Amelia were. Greg had a ‘challenging’ morning with Amelia – apparently, Amelia pooped four times and twice poop made it to the carpet. How? Well, the first time Amelia grabbed her diaper and the poop ‘fell out’ and the second time Amelia ran away (which is something she loves to do during a diaper change) from Greg, squatted and started to poop some more. Oh, I was laughing as Greg was telling me all that went on. Then I noticed that Greg started to fall asleep on the couch so I told him to go take a nap. He contested, but I insisted.  

As Greg was napping, I decided to make a cake. I was bored and felt like baking. Also, I decided to have Amelia help me. Initially Amelia did well, but within a matter of seconds she had her hands into the batter and was touching everything. Obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly, after all it was 9:30 in the morning when my idea came to me!

  Greg woke up a little after 10am and we just putted around the house. I started the laundry and did a little more cleaning while Greg and Amelia played around. Eventually we made it to the grocery store, the one task Greg and I delayed until the absolute last minute.  While shopping for dinner items and looking at the meat selection and prices, we came to the conclusion that, moving forward, we’re going to buy our meat from Costco – we get a much better price per pound than at the grocery store, so we didn’t buy much meat. Amelia didn’t take her usual morning nap so she became a bit ‘difficult’ while in the cart; I let her out and she ran through the frozen foods section. She had so much fun ‘looking’ for Daddy (a game I would play with her so I didn’t have to chase her throughout the entire store), which must have worn her out because Amelia fell asleep before we made it home from the grocery store and it’s a four minute car ride (with lights)! I carried Amelia up while Greg brought in the groceries then I put the groceries away as Amelia napped.  

That was our Easter. I spent the Sunday cleaning and doing the laundry as Greg tended to Amelia. Very exciting, no? We talked about going to a brunch but changed our minds; we called Greg’s Mom to see if they, she and Ken, were doing anything and thought about stopping by but we never did. The ‘highlight’ of the day was when I broke the washer. Thankfully, I was washing the last load of clothes when it broke. Even more thankful that the washer/dryer is still under the original warranty so we don’t have to pay for the repair (which is scheduled for this coming Saturday).

broken washer


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