Spring Mix

Wow, it’s already April!

2008 is really starting to pick up speed and I still need to finish my 2007 review!

Ah! Baseball season has officially begun and the O’s lost their opening game, not to my surprise. But, nonetheless I can’t wait to go to a game or two this year. I am looking forward to going to the Tigers game that Greg and I are going to attend while we’re in Detroit.

Also, with spring comes the annuel JSOH air show. Greg and I have been attending the last two years and he’s gone once before on his own (before we knew each other). Surprisingly, the air show is fun to attend – even for someone like me who knows practically nothing about aeronautics. I have developed an interest in the Osprey (the plane/helicopter used in the opening scene of Transformers the Movie) and the C-5. This year, at the JSOH, there will be a celebrity guest: Gary Sinise. Greg and I are planning to attend this years event, even though it occurs the weekend before we leave for Detroit. I don’t think we’ll bring Amelia this year, to the JSOH, and will probably have my Mom watch her for the day.

Last night Greg and I were talking about how fast these last two years have gone by. In 2006 we went to Atlantic City, NJ to celebrate my 27th birthday (March 13-14), we went to 4 O’s games together, I quit my job at PRP and started to work for The Cult, took a trip to The National Zoo, and by the time Greg took me to my first JSOH show I was pregnant. It’s a bit weird to think about all the things Greg and I did together in 2006 and the following year to be parents. It’s also a bit weird to be thinking about the futre and Amelia; like when she starts school and where are Greg and I going to be living when she starts school, are we going to send her to a private school or public; where will I be working and will I be home early enough to be there when school lets out? I know I have a few more years to ‘plan’ for all of that, but given how fast the last two years went, I actually might not have enough time.

Friday night I spent nearly two hours looking at houses online, within our price range. There were more than I was expecting and a lot in our current area. One thing I noticed about a majority of the homes listed was that people did not clean up their house before the realtor took pictures. Andway, Greg and I have gotten that ‘itch’ for making a home ours. Our landlord told us that we have free reign with the condo and can make any changes we want: paint, light fixtures, etc. but we’re not going to change anything because the place isn’t ours. We are hoping to re-new for another year and be home owners by the end of 2009.

Amelia has her 15 month check-up on the 12th and I have a babyshower to attend on the same day, both of which Greg is going to attend. I am curious to learn how tall Amelia is; I still call her my midget baby because she’s so petite; that and everyone that sees her running around the store always comment on how small she is, “oh! she looks too small to be running around like that” and more along those lines.

Greg and I were invited to a wedding in upstate NY in May. I would love to attend, but we’ll be in Michigan at the time of the wedding.

Speaking of weddings, nothing new going on with ours. Greg has given me the ‘green light’ to work on our save the dates. I am going to try and make them in Photoshop first, but if I dont create what I like I will probably use a service. I do like the magnet idea and I am going to see if I can make my own. I am hoping to be able to mail these out before the end of summer. I’ve also started thinking about our invitations, and again I want to create our own, but we need a printer first. I have a nice photo printer for pictures up to a 5×7, which would great for save the dates, but I would need a bigger printer for the invitations. I’ve told Greg to start hunting for a nice printer and I told him what functions I want (such as a scanner) and such. but we have time to make that purchase.

It seems that the a/c unit for the office isn’t working; the air is hot and still!

Not much going on as of lately, sadly. It’s April Fool’s Day, what are you doing for a joke?


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