nothing really going on… just random stuff to write:

Amelia has a ‘playdate’ this weekend. It’s kinda weird that a co-worker, someone I’ve hardly spoken to – mainly because she’s on the other side of the room -, and I have set up a play date for our daughters! This weekend we are going to Kinder Farm Park for our girls to play. Yesterday, as I was in the kitchen eating lunch with a bunch of other people that I’ve yet to actually get to know because they sit on the other side of the office, Sam, overheard me talking about Amelia (another co-worker and I were talking about pregnancy and such because she just learned that she’s about 9 weeks pregnant) and Sam asked how old Amelia is and I told her about 15 months and she mentioned that her daughter is 20 months. We said a few more words and then she left the room. Then this afternoon she comes over to my desk and we start talking about our daughters and she was asking me if Amelia socializes with other children her age and I told her about the babysitter I use and the age of the other kids, and then Sam starts to hint about getting our girls together so I asked her if she would be interested in going to the park and she said yes! Sam seemed a little nervous about asking me getting our daughters together, which I could understand. So, we exchanged phone numbers and I sent an email to Greg letting him know about the plans I just made, and Sam was going to do the same, and as we were leaving we talked in the parking lot for a few minutes about the time to get together and such. It turns out we have a lot in common, so I am kinda looking forward to the date. I just hope the weather is nice.

Greg and I are b.r.o.k.e., and that’s an understatement! We have money in our savings account but we’re trying not to dip into it and there’s money on our credit cards, but we’re trying not to use them. We’re not suffering and nothing is late; it just sucks to not be able to get a few unnecessary items at the grocery store or for a lunch at burger king; which, I guess, is really a good thing, to be broke, in hindsight.

 Opps, top chef is on… time to go!


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