Amelia’s 1st Play Date!

Cutest Baby in AAco


The play date went well! The girls had a lot of fun running around, climbing, sliding, swinging, and so much more!

Swinging baby

The girls didn’t really ‘play’ together; there was too much going on and too many other people, so we just hung out and chatted while the girls did there running.

We learned that Sam and Chris are only 22 years old! They graduated high school in 2004 – that made Greg and me feel so old! They were married this past Aug 31. We, as a couple, have a lot in common, especially video games, music, movies, tv, and all the other reasons we would hang out with them. As we were leaving we talked about getting together again and possibly a trip to the DC Zoo this summer!

Best Pictures of the Day:

Chicken Head

Pissed off chicken

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the chicken. Maybe too much fun.

Cherry sno-cone

I am completely exhausted, so this is going to be a short post. But, I can’t end the post without mentioning my ‘accident’. As I was pulling into the parking space (nearly done parking at the time of the ‘accident’) the guy next to me opens his door and rips off my passenger side mirror. He admitted that he wasn’t paying attention and it was his fault. I didn’t care, it’s just a mirror that I can probably super-glue back on. The guy insisted on giving up his name and phone number so Greg took the information down and later we took a picture of his car and license plate, if I decided to call the insurance company. I told my Mom about the ‘accident’, because I am the Queen of Death to Cars; as soon as I am in posession of the car, it’s doomed, and she feels I should call the insurance company. We’ll see; it’s no big deal for me (unlike some of the Moms that witnessed the ‘accident’, they were making a stink out of it and were rather surprised I didn’t care enough to get all bitchy).

missing mirror


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