Well, after 2 hours at Night time Pediatrics, chest x-rays, and countless forms to fill out…

We think  we know what the problem is:

My Gall Bladder

So, I wasn’t too far off thinking it was my liver (since the gall bladder is located underneath the liver).

Plan of Action:

  • No fried foods (not like I ate them anyway)
  • No spicy food (damn)
  • No fatty foods (Hmm… what about good fats?)
  • And plenty of fluids (isn’t this always suggested regardless of the diagnosis?)

I was prescribed Bentyl to help with the pain, and so far it has worked (though, not 100%). It took Walgreens an eternity to fill the prescription! I was there for 45 minutes! I left home at 4:45 and didn’t return until 8:25. That was the longest Greg and I have been apart on a weekend (work doesn’t count). It was a little weird. But, I had my DS to keep me busy, as well as the cell phone with internet access (I love my phone) and text messaging (michele’s mom is still in the hospital not doing so well – her dad has made it home).

The next step for treatment is to see my PCP and have an ultrasound done to decide if further action is needed (do I have gall stones? Is surgery needed).

For now, I’m heading off to bed at 9:18pm!


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