In a Nutshell

My Sunday started at 7am.

Amelia was up around 6:30 and apparently Greg decided to stay up until 2am, so he wasn’t waking up to tend to Amelia (like he normally does), so we, Amelia and I, got out of bed and had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen (she helped unload and load the dishwasher) and started the laundry. I was full of energy this morning (probably because I finally had a good nights sleep since I wasn’t in so much pain).

Around 8:45, Greg rolls out of bed and I tell him that I want to be at Costco’s before noon (while I still had energy and before Amelia took her nap) and he was very compliant. We were at Costco by 9:45am and had to wait for them to open!

Shopping in a practically empty whole sale store is weird. It was so empty! Amelia had a grand time yelling to hear her echo!

We were home by noon. Amelia took her nap while Greg and I tended to the house and watched some Travel Channel (we’re so going to Italy and Europe for an anniversary get-away).

Once Amelia was up from her nap, we had lunch and headed back out. Greg and I gout our hair cut and I had my eyebrows waxed (and I tried to get Greg’s eyebrows waxed but he didn’t want to).

New Hair Cut

You can’t see much in my hair, but it’s layered and I HAVE SIDE BANGS! I haven’t had bangs since 1993! Apparently I have a calic directly located on my hair line – just like Amelia! Guess she does get my hair (defiantly color and quantity, the thickness comes from Greg). Greg ordered the hair cut that I don’t like: Buzz Cut! He had all his beautiful “Superman” curls cut off! Boo.

the rest of the afternoon/evening has been filled with laundry, Disney Cruise talk, playing with Amelia (she’s starting to talk more than one worded sentences: “All done”, “Hi Baby”, “Time to get up” (yes, you can make that out), “I want to get up”, “I want to get down” and more. Amelia also understands commands, such as “Throw that into the trash can” and “where’s your juice?” She’s a smart cookie. It’s mind boggling to realize a 15 month old child can understand and do what one asks her! 15 months old!! Wow.

so, my gall bladder pain isn’t improving. The rib/back ache comes and goes, but the actual sharp pains from bending over, bumps from the car ride and such are pretty constant. I haven’t looked up treatment options (other than knowing surgery is one) for inflamed gall bladders, I’d rather avoid treatment and just have the thing removed (treatment would involve numerous doctor visits and medications – all equalling money and time off of work, neither of which I want to use). Tomorrow I am going to call my PCP and see what he suggests and tell him that I would like the thing scanned and go from there (which, I hope he would recommend). The bloated stomach feeling isn’t fun; I’ve pretty much lost my appetite (though I snack on grapes, but they make my stomach feel even more bloated) and feel over all crummy (mostly because “IT” is happening, though almost over).

Also to occupy my mind (to ignore the pain) I’ve been on a downloading spree of fonts. I found a great site, Photoshop Support, that lists great resources for free fonts and I’ve spent the last hour plus rummaging through the fonts from various sites and downloading the ones I like. I am looking for a unique font for our save the date cards. I’ve found the style that I like and will be working on them soon; I just have to figure out if I want to use a picture of us or not on the card (defiantly want to make the save the dates as a magnet).

Well, that was my Sunday in a nutshell.


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