Ha. Clever title, huh?

I am in the hospital as I type. I’ve been here since about 1:30 and I believe it’s a little after 4 right now.

Yesterdays visit resulted in a few tests and a (minor) ‘surprise’. I’m not pregnant.

My PCP asked for a urine sample, “just in case”, and the “results are not what I was expecting” is what he said out loud. Looks like I have some activity in my kidneys or bladder (even though I am not feeling anything in that area). He ordered some blood work and an ultra sound for the gall bladder. I got the blood work done right away and had to wait until this morning for the ultra sound.

On a side note, I swear my PCP was having too much fun pressing on my stomach. I started to laugh at the thought of him getting his rocks off asking me if this hurts while pressing on my stomach. He asked if I was tickelish and I replied that the laugh was a nervous habit. Still, the though of him getting off by inflicting pain and asking “does this hurt, huh? how about here, or here” sends me into a little giggle fit.

I am going to have my gall bladder removed; probably tonight. The preliminary report of the ultra sound shows gall stones. That’s all I’ve been told (don’t know how many, if any are in the ‘neck’, etc) so far. I am waiting for the surgeon to come in and talk to me, but I was informed that “since you’re asymptomatic, have stones, and are here, might as well remove it all together.” Cool with me. I’m a little nervous, partly because I am here all by myself, and because this is an operation to some extent and I’ve never had actual surgery (other than when I had my wisdom teeth removed).

I have called Greg and my Mom. I don’t know the details of what’s going to happen. So far, Greg is going to get Amelia tonight and go home. My Mom is going to come up, though I don’t know when (depends on when the surgery is going to take place). I will probably be out of work for the remainder of the week.

So, tonight ends the battle of the gall bladder.


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