Tales from the Gurney


When I pulled up to the hospital there was an accident blocking the Emergency entrance



It looks like the ambulance was part of the accident. I can only wonder what happened…

So, I check myself in and begin to wait (something I am good at). Around 4pm I am called into the back for a review with the physician. I tell her all that’s been going on and what I’ve already done (blood work, ultra sound, etc) and that probably saved some time (they didn’t order an ultra sound while I was there) and they were able to get the preliminary report from where I had the ultra sound done that morning, as previously noted, and stated that there are gall stones in my gall bladder. I was informed that they surgeon suggests removal of the gall bladder and to wait from his ‘consultation’.

And waited I did.

I was placed out into the hall way while a room was prepared for me, and waited. I became bored (usually happens when one is waiting for an extended amount of time) and started taking random pictures. I won’t bore you, the reader, of looking at the random pictures in this writing, but if you are curious the pictures are located here.

Finally, after what felt like two hours (which was probably only an hour), the surgeon comes to my little section of the hall and tells me that I have two options: Surgery tonight or tomorrow morning. I opt for tonight; nI just want to get this done and over with.

Around 6:30 I am wheeled to my room. I must mention that the transporter that wheeled me was horrible. It must have been her first day (except she knew where to go rather well, so I don’t think it was her first day). She was bumping me into all sorts of objects, walls, frames, and PEOPLE! Yes, people! I tried to help her, but she had no control whatsoever of the gurney. It was sad. The nurse scheduled to my room was really friendly and nice and told me that my surgery was scheduled for 10:30pm. My first thought was: “Shit! What am I going to do for the next 4 hours.” The nurse showed me the TV and other things to help me occupy my time. Instead, I sent our a mass text message to all friends and family to let them know what was going on and spent the next half hour text messaging.

Around 7pm, Greg and Amelia arrived. Greg was worried, I could see it in his face. And, the way he said “I love you”, gave me butterflies all over again (like the night he said it to me for the first time). Greg and Amelia didn’t stay too long as it was getting late (and passed Amelia’s bedtime), they left around 7:30.

Between 7:30 and 8:00 I occupied my time with TV, cellphone, and DS. Just before 8 my nurse comes in and tells me that my surgery has been bumped to NOW! I was excited yet nervous. As soon as the nurse left my Mom calls and I tell her that I have to go because the transporter was outside my door waiting for me (I had to get naked from the waist down and I was trying to get undressed and talk to Mom at the same time) and she kept saying “Now, you’re going to have the surgery now?” and I was like “Yes, Mom. I need to go, their waiting for me” and she kept repeating. I asked her to call Greg for me so he knows and then I was off.


for some reason (not that I’m complaining), the transporter grabbed my baggie of items and brought them down with me. I took advantage of having my camera with me and took a picture of myself before I was wheeled into the operating room. I was getting a bit nervous at this point.

I had my consultation with the anesthesiologist (I didn’t really care for the guy) and the O.R. Nurse came in (she was much nicer) and the surgeon. The surgeon asked if I had any questions and I did: “Can I have a picture of my gall bladder?” and he said sure. I then scooted over to the operation table. The anesthesiologist started to inject something into me, stating it would make me more relaxed, and the nurses began to wrap warm blankets around me. I remember thinking that I didn’t feel any calmer. And, then I wake up in recovery. It wasn’t the best wake up I’ve had. My throat hurt and I couldn’t speak, I felt like I was having an asthma attack because my throat felt like it was tightening and I couldn’t say anything about it. My stomach was hurting something bad. A nurse asked what my pain was and I mouthed out “seven” and then I was out.

Morning After

Sleep was off and on. I would wake up to the nurses coming in to check my stats and vitals (and that of my room mate). Greg stopped by before he went to work (just before 9am). He told me that he had a horrible night; he couldn’t sleep because he was worried about me (and that it was after 2am that he finally fell asleep and Amelia was up at 6), but was glad to see that I was better and went off to work. My Mom arrived around 10 and we were under the impression that I would be leaving early afternoon. That wasn’t the case. I wasn’t discharged until 6:45pm. So, I did a lot of walking around the halls to occupy my time and to help ease the restlessness that was growing within (plus, the beds are so uncomfortable).

Mom drove me home (my car is still at the hospital) and we stopped at Walgreens to fill my prescription of oxycodone (well, we dropped it off and sent Greg out to get it later). I was home around 7:30-7:45. I missed my bed and babies. Amelia ran up and gave me a hug around my legs and I patted her head (I couldn’t bend over). I sat down and placed Amelia on my lap and gave her many kisses. Then she was off. She was in a very irritable mood last night. Greg gave Amelia a bath and my Mom dressed her and put her to bed. I sat out in the living room until Mom left (which was after Greg returned from Walgreens). I tried to have my Mom stay the night; bribed her with pedicures, but she went home around 8:30.

I was asleep before 9:30.

The culprit

There’s my gall bladder in all its glory. Looks bigger than I thought it would. I don’t know how many gall stones were in there, the surgeon said he sent it off for an ‘autopsy’ of sorts. I have my follow-up appointment next Thursday (Greg’s 30th birthday), where I plan to ask more questions.

I am feeling a little better. I took a nice long nap this morning (after taking another ‘happy pill’) and didn’t get up until 12:30. Big difference in pain from this morning to this afternoon; I feel loads better.

I don’t plan on returning to work until Monday (even though the surgeon said to wait a whole week – I don’t think so).

At the moment, I am waiting for my brother to come and get me so I can get my car from the Hospital. I don’t know if I’ll be able to drive stick, just yet. We’ll see.



4 thoughts on “Tales from the Gurney

  1. Thank you, SF! Although, I must say that after re-reading the post… all that I wrote isn’t what was going through my mind.

    Must have been on the ‘happy pills’…

  2. Thank you, SF! Although, I must say that after re-reading the post… all that I wrote isn’t what was going through my mind.

    Must have been on the ‘happy pills’…

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