Indecent Exposure

My brother came and got me around 6pm so I could go get my car from the hospital. On the way to the hospital we were talking about how we both are severely overdue for oil changes and decided to get one after we got my car.

So, around 6:30 we pull into a Valvoline station. When I pulled in there was a guy walking all funny and seemed pretty oblivious that I was behind him. I didn’t honk my horn because I didn’t know if he was handicapped or something, so I drove around him. My brother nearly honked at him because the guy wouldn’t move out of the way.

About 10 minutes later, as my brother and I were getting our cars serviced and I’m talking to Greg on the phone, I look into my side view mirror (the only one I have) and I see the guy that was walking funny. So, I’m watching him and I see what looks like him trying to pull down his zipper. I’m thinking “this guys isn’t going to do what I think he is” and I continue to watch. Before I know it, I see drunk dick on display! I was telling Greg “this guy is going to pee in the parking lot! I can see his dick!!” This guy was beyond drunk; I don’t know how he was able to stand (which he was barley doing). One of the shop attendants must of heard me because there was a loud “Hey! You can’t do that here!” and the drunk guy, oh the look on his face, was obviously startled (surprised he didn’t pee right then and there), it was so funny because he was swaying and trying to stand still to pee and then when the shop attendant yelled, his whole body perked up and he hopped around to see where the noise was coming from. I was laughing (through the pain of my stomach). The shop attendant yelled that he was going to call the police if he didn’t scram and the guy did.

A few minutes later my car was done. They didn’t ask for payment. So, I parked and walked back to the bay and ask about payment and my brother says “Beat you to it, Sister”. Aww, my brother paid for my oil change! He’s so sweet. Then Sean went on to ask if I saw the drunk guy and I told him everything that I saw and my brothers first question was “was it big?” and, I answered honestly, “yes”. The dude had some length, I’ll give him that.

After Sean’s car was done, we headed over to Checkers and met up with Aaron and I paid for dinner. The weather was awesome last night; we sat outside and chatted about odds and ends.

It was an interesting Thursday night. 



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