Lesson Learned

I did too much too fast and now I’m paying for it.

frequent bending over and standing up is a no-no; it results in very bad stomach pains and cramps.

In other news…

Next week I receive my bonus!!! I called work today to make sure the paperwork went in on time (and the manager is out of the office; I do have his cell phone number… should I call?). I have never worked for a company that had a horrible HR director as here. She is just pathetic! Because of her, my FSA reimbursement was delayed (the funds weren’t released on time, according to the company, because there wasn’t HR approval) – I feel like this: you take my money out on time (with each paycheck), I expect to have my reimbursement on time (especially since you fucked up the FSA Visa card and we have to resort to manual submissions, AGAIN). Seriously, she needs to go!

Moving on…

It’s such a gorgeousday out! Amelia will be here later this afternoon (around 3) and I want to take her to the park but I don’t know if I can (worried about putting her in and out of the carseat and the impact it’s going to have on the sutures). Maybe I’ll be able to take her on a nice walk around the neighborhood…

In the mean time, I’ve begun working on my save-the-dates. I’ve found a few pictures of cards and I’m editing for my pleasure. I’ve only done one so far, what do you think?

Save the Date option 1


Well, about 2hours have passed since I began this post; I took a nap. I over did it this morning and needed to rest.

Greg is on his way over with Amelia. Time to get back to work!


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