All Over (the place)

This is going to be an ‘all over’ post; I’m just going to write what comes to mind in no particular order.

The day started around 11am when we left to head out to Target. It’s been over a month since I’ve last visited and my incentive for visiting today was my new Target card! I was actually approved for a Target store card (not the credit card) and with the card came a 10% off coupon! That’s all I needed. We actually had reasons to go; mainly for a new shower head for Amelia’s bathroom. Amelia doesn’t like the old method of rinsing her hair: water in a cup, and I decided that maybe one of those shower heads with a ‘hose’ on it would be better and worth trying. While we were in Target we picked up additional items: diapers and wipes (some how we went through 84 diapers in less than two weeks, which has boggled Greg and me), baby food (snacks and meals), milk and lunch items, more bath toys for Amelia, socks (for Amelia) and some hair product for Greg. Boring list, I know, but they were things we needed. Oddly enough, there isn’t much that we want (as in a wish list) right now (which is making it slightly difficult to figure out what to do with my bonus money).

I am happy to report that Amelia seems to have gotten her appetite back! She ate more today and yesterday than she has in the last two weeks (guess her cold is over)! Which has me over the moon with happiness.

Have I mentioned before about the location of the condo and the busy roads? Since moving here, 8 months ago (holy shit! It’s been that long?!?!), I’ve called 911 four times! Why? Because of idiot drivers who take the turns too fast. Today alone there have been 2 car accidents right across our balcony; one of which was pretty serious (both cars where driving too fast on the wet roads and ended up in the ditch).

Yesterday I ordered Greg’s 30th Birthday Cake! I ordered the cake from a local shop in Baltimore called Sugar Bakers. Of the four emails I sent out, they are the only ones that replied (as of last Tuesday; since I haven’t been at work to check my e-mail) and called. The price of the 10″ round cake is $88, which is the price range I was expecting. The cake is red velvet with some kind of filling that I can’t remember and German cream icing, I think (again, I don’t remember); we pick up the cake on Saturday, just before we head out to Gracie’s second birthday party (at Billy and Casey’s). I was planning to use this birthday cake ‘hunt’ as a test to when Greg and I are ready to order our wedding cake, and Sugar Bakers seems to be on the ball. Plus, I am dying to see how the Mario cake turns out! I know it probably won’t look as good as it would for a wedding cake (because more detail and better ‘supplies’ will be used), but I am curious nonetheless.

I told my Mom, while she was here on Wednesday (as she was helping me undress for my shower since I was still in a lot of pain and couldn’t unhook my own bra – I’m telling you, as soon as you have a baby, you loose all modesty about undressing in front of other, including your own mother), about my plans for the Mario themed wedding cake… her reaction is what I expected but she’s the kinda gal that ‘rolls with the punches’. Plus, she knows that I am the farthest thing from ‘traditional’ in all senses!

Next Saturday, the 26th, is going to be hella busy (and full of pictures!). First, we pick up Greg’s birthday cake (and store it at his job), head over to Billy and Casey’s, and then we’re heading up to White Marsh for Greg’s Birthday Gathering!!

My cousin April called me on Saturday (my Mom dropped off the outfit I bought for Olivia) and we had a very nice chat. My cousin and I aren’t thatclose, but we’re getting closer now that we’re both parents (remember, our girls are only 6 months apart – just like her and Sean). April… ‘complains’… (not the best choice of word, but the only thing I can come up with) about Clayton and his lack of help of fathering, so to speak. I feel so special that April was open about this to me (like I mentioned, we’re not so close that we talk about our significant others to each other), and I asked her “If Olivia wasn’t here, would you and Clayton be together?” and her response was “no.” That’s not to say the only  reason she and Clayton are together is because of Olivia. They really do love each other, you can see it. And, he does try to change but, after a month he’s back to his old ways. But, I feel somewhat remorseful of their relationship and her ‘struggles’. Basically, at this point they need each other for support (rent, utilities, etc) as neither can live on their own – which reminded me of my relationship with Adam and when I finally decided to tell him to move out… when the lease was up, which was 7 months after  I told him because I wouldn’t have been able to afford the rent and utilities on my own. I hope she and Clayton are able to work things out and be happy(ier).

After the discussion with April, I talked to Greg about what she’s going through and asked for his thoughts. And, I began thinking about if Adam and I had a child, I’m sure Adam would be the same way as Clayton. I believe the way people parent their children has some relation to they way they were raised (not a whole hearted belief for me, but partial). Adam’s Dad wasn’t ‘hands on’ with the child raising (as I witnessed when Eban was born and they had legal custody of him); I never saw Adam’s Dad feed, change, tend to, or any other ‘need’, Eban. I did more, on the weekends I visited, with Eban than he did. Adam, on the other hand, did a little more (though he never changed a diaper) than his Dad, but I wouldn’t have expected more if we had our own children. As they say, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Greg is an excellent Father and I am very spoiled by him (my Mom has even said so). Greg is probably more involved as a parent than any person (with children) that I’ve ever met; he gets down on the floor and plays with Amelia, he feeds her, changes her stinky diapers, bathes her, reads to her, carries her up the three flights of stairs and so much more (not to say that I don’t do any of those things). Plus, he gets just as excited as I do when Amelia does something ‘new’. For instance, when Amelia did her first real crawl back in September, he was on the phone calling friends and family before me! And the best, most amazing, aspect of his parenting is that we both agree on a lot of important parenting issues; we’re on the same page with just about everything; which Adam and I never were (which I should have taken as ‘Big Red Flag #2’ and ended the relationship).

Tomorrow I return to work; so much for my impromptu ‘vacation’. I did get a lot (of laundry) done and I enjoyed the 1.5 days to myself, but I am not an ‘stay at home’ kinda person. I need social interaction, even if it’s only in an office. Plus, I know people ‘miss’ me (I’ve received enough phone calls to show for it).

Here comes another week…





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