Not wedding decision, at least for the moment.

I stopped by David’s Bridal after work (since the babysitter was in the area running an errand se we met in the parking lot) and tried on the dress that I was totally digging. Well, I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the color nor the cut/style. I didn’t look good, in my opinion, in it; it made me look wider than I am. I know I have broad shoulders, but not that broad. So, the search continues. I will say that I was … somewhat… pleased with the service I had for the 10 minutes I was there. I was relieved to see that they carried a lot of different sizes for the same model (I was curious about that). I tried on a size 24 and it zipped up! We know dresses run smaller than the ‘average’ size, so I was rather surprised. Although, it was a bit tight; I was able to breath and move comfortably in the dress (I was chasing after Amelia) and I like how it felt it was holding… everything… in place (I still had my bra on) but… it wasn’t right for me. I don’t think I am a pastel/light color kinda gal. I like rich colors, especially red, but that isn’t a color that would match where we’re eloping. So, the search continues…

I’ve decided not to plan the Disney Cruise for my Mom next summer. I searched hard for a good week and a half and I wasn’t happy with what I found/learned. I will say the Disney Cruise forum is very friendly and resourceful, but Disney itself isn’t. From what I understand, by talking to two different travel agencies and from the responces I received on their message boards, Disney doesn’t offer incentives for booking early, or (small) group discounts. NorwegianCruise Line (NCL) will discount a cabin, by more than half sometimes, if you book in advance – that is a significant savings, in my opinion, and gives you the ability to book a nicer cabin, such as one with a balcony as Greg and I did. Plus, they do provide group discounts. And, if Greg and I put a deposit of $250 for another cruise while we’re on the current cruise, we receive a $100 on-board credit instantly – so basically, we’re puttingdown $150 for a future cruise (that you don’t have to plan at that exact moment and, you have up to a year to plan the other cruise- if you don’t plan the cruise, after a year, you get your deposit back, or carry it over.) Also, with NCL, there isn’t a dinner schedule; while I was researchingon the Disney Cruise, you had to select an early dinner (6:30) or late dinner (8:30) and I didn’t like that. Personally, I think Disney takes advantage of their name and are able to charge the prices they do, and not offer all the different incentives as other cruise lines because, not matter what, they know people will still travel to/with Disney because… it’s Disney! Now, that’s not to say that I don’t plan on going sometime within my lifetime. I think I should give it a chance, plus I am curious about the Tower of Terror ride, so I’ll go at least once, just not anytime soon. Note:this is just an observation – I’m not diss-ing Disney or anything of that sort, I’m just writing my opinion of my experience of planning a cruise with NCL vs. planning a cruise with Disney.

Another decision that I am debating over is my summer plans to go to Ocean City in July. At this moment I am not feeling the trip. Basically, I’m afraid to spend the money. With the our elopement plans in the near future, and the time I had to take off of work due to the surgery, I feel like hoarding my vacation days and any extra money. I mean, we’re leaving for Michigan in 3 weeks (gosh, I remember when it was more than 3 months until the trip!) and we will be using 2 vacation days (Thurs and Fri) and I don’t know how much money we’re going to spend, especially since we haven’t talked about a budget. Fortunately, we’re going to be saving a lot of money since we’re going to be staying with Greg’s parents, use their car, and eat their food. But, there are going to be things we want to do that require money, such as go to a baseball game, visit some touristy places, maybe take everyone out to dinner – things of that sort. I guess Greg and I should start talking about that…

As I was trying on the dress at David’s I realized something: I wasn’t prepared for this; I haven’t shaved my under arms in about a week… two weeks… fuck it, a month! I hate shaving my underarms because the skin is so sensitive. That’s one reason why I didn’t stay around longer to try on any of the other dresses; well that and Greg didn’t know where I was and I had Amelia with me. Needless to say, I shaved when I took my shower earlier this evening and now I am prepared for anything.

Anway, Top Chef has begun – time to watch. I’m rooting for Richard and Mark to make it to the top 5. Who are you rooting for?


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