This is Tough

**I am so sleepy tired right now. I seriously debated about posting tonight. Somehow, I talked myself into posting**

After Greg and I came home from our spontaneous dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s, and put Amelia to bed, I began an more extensive searching for a dress. I’m not looking for a ‘traditional’ wedding dress; therefore I’ve done most, if not all, of my searching though bridesmaid dresses. It helps that bridesmaid dresses are a hell of a lot cheaper – sometimes.

I was/am slightly bummed that the dress I was so excited about earlier this week is a bust. I was hoping that finding the perfect dress was going to be simple and easy. Ha! Learned my lession.

Anyway, here is a new list/group of dresses (mostly the style, though I do like some of the colors). Looking for a dress, especially since I’m not looking for an actual wedding dress, but more of a really nice – this doesn’t look like a prom dress, but a dress for a special occassion – dress; and it’s tough!

Dress 1

I like the color and style. Not sure how I feel about the print (more long the size of the print), but something to consider.

Dress 2

This dress is more appropriate for the location/feel (except for the color, of course), and it seems adjustable, like a sarong. Another dress to consider.

Dress 3

I like the layers and different lengths of the dress; color isn’t too bad either.

Dress 4

I like the length of the dress, and it looks like there is an overlay

Dress 5

I like this one a lot (somewhat of the color too); it look fun, flirty, and comfortable

Dress 6

I feel the same about this dress as the dress before it (except for the colors, but at least I have the option of a two tone dress)

Dress 7

I like the length, mostly. I think the models face, though, isn’t helping sell the dress

Dress 8

Trying to remember why I grabbed this dress… I think it was because of the pull around the waist.

Dress 9

I’m liking this dress a lot. I like the different length hem, the sash around the waist, and (somewhat) the color.

Dress 10

I am liking the flare, and I believe there is some detail on the bodice (crappy quality of the photo – zoom didn’t help).


Ok, so there are the 10 newest dress styles for the list. Personally, I am like (in no particular order) dresses 2, 4, 5, 9, & 10.

What about ya’ll?


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