Wii Famlii

Yep. We are now the proud ‘parents’ of a Nintendo Wii.

I honestly didn’t think we’d find one, but since we were at Target we decided to see if they had any in stock and they sure did! Tonight’s Target trip was the most expensive we’ve ever had ($318 for the Wii and Wii Sports; $110 for prescriptions; $85 for odds and ends; and $44 for pretzels and soda {but I got some cash back too}). At least I am able to reclaim the $110 due to FSA.

We didn’t set up, nor play, the Wii until Amelia was in bed; which was within 20 minutes of coming home. Amelia, from what I was told, was a very cranky baby today and boy was she! She did well in Target and seemed to have a huge burst of energy when we let her run-a-muck, which she did with such glee… shrieking down the isles with laughter… so cute.

As we were paying for the prescriptions (Greg has some pretty wicked allergies, apparently, and his doc rx’d a three month supply for the meds), Greg was calling his friends telling them that we found a Wii on our first try (and we weren’t really trying. Our intentions of going to Target was for a wine bottle popper). It was so cute seeing Greg’s face light up as he got to tell his friends. We’re considering bringing the Wii with us to Sundays RSC, especially since the weather people are predicting a rainy day.

Wii Sports: Love bowling! I did pretty well with Tennis too (I used to take lessons). My arm is pretty sore though, and so is Gregs. But, we played the hell out of the games for nearly 3 hours.

I received my stimulus bonus today, so that’s why we bought the Wii. I am considering buying Guitar Hero, but I don’t want to go out and spend all our money just yet. But, we’re probably going to be in Best Buy tomorrow checking out a few items.

Well, it’s nearly midnight. Time for bed.


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