I’ve been having a shit-tacular week. IT’S ONLY TUESDAY!!

God, I want this week to be over.

Of course, some of my emotional non-well being could be hormone induced as I am off the active pills, but I don’t give a fuck; I am having a bad week.

I believe I’ve spoken to the biggest assholes, twats, and dicks, there are in the past two days. The worst was yesterday; after dealing with him I felt the need for a cigg and something with a lot of strong alcohol. And I dont smoke nor drink. He was that much of a prick.

Not too much going. Counting down the days until we fly off to Michigan. Greg and I are loving the Wii; those games really give you a work out!

Nothing new going on with the eloping plans. I am still planning on going to a few bridal places to look for a dress, and hopefuly Greg and I will be able to find, and buy, our wedding bands. We’ll probably talk more about our plans this weekend while we’re visiting my Mom for Mother’s Day.


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