I’m Still Here

We’ve been pretty busy this week… although we haven’t really done anything.

Monday we did our grocery shopping and then went out to dinner.

Tuesday we went to the airport park and then to the mall to window shop for wedding bands and ended up having an… misunderstanding (which I will elaborate more in a bit), which took us nearly an hour to clear (as we were in the parking lot).

Wednesday was cleaning night, Top Chef, and late night sex (which, I might add, was something amazing and new)

Tonight, Thursday, Lisa and I had crabs for dinner. She had a gift certificate for a local restaurant, SeaSide, that was about to expire so we ordered two dozen crabs and ate them at my place. She just left about 25 minutes ago (it’s 9:33 as I type this). We were done eating the crabs by 8:00 and we just sat and talked, and talked, and talked. Mostly, we talked about people that we used to work with and some of the people that we currently work with. Lisa is one of the few (and my few I mean like one of two people) that I know I can talk to and she won’t say shit behind my back (especially if we talk about co-workers). It’s rare to find someone, that you work with, like that.

Tomorrow, Friday, we might see a movie since we haven’t seen one since The Simpsons back in July.

Saturday is the air show, which Greg is planning on spending all day there (to test out his new camera) and then we’re probably going to get a hotel room somewhere in the area. There is something about staying in a hotel and hotel sex that is so exciting.

Sunday we bring Amelia back home. Gosh, I miss Amelia. I talk to her, on the phone, at least twice a day. She’s saying new words and so much more. My Mom was telling me the other day that Amelia is enthralled with Lucy (the horse) and wants to follow her, Lucy, all around the yard and imitates Lucy’s … snot blowing (I can’t think of a better description, but that’s what Lucy is doing). After Mom told me all that, the first thing I said was “Oh great. Pretty soon Amelia will be telling you she wants a pony and you’re going to get her one.” My Mom’s reply “Damn straight. If my Baby wants a pony, she’s going to get one.” Yeah, and she isn’t joking. My Mom is going to seriously spoil her granddaughter.

This afternoon I started a book, Addicted , that a co-worker handed off to me. I read the bookfrom 1:30 until 6:00 and nearly finished it (either I’m a fast reader, or I had very few interruptions). I don’t know how I feel about the book. It’s written ok, nothing spectacular. The story is interesting (but that could be due to my raging hormones) and it does have me reading for more as it’s a borderline (erotic) graphic novel. But, the book isn’t stimulating my brain; it doesn’t cause me to think about the story. Generally, that’s why I don’t read “romance novels”, it’s just fluff to me. But, I guess in this case, I’m bored at work (obviously if I nearly read the whole book in 4.5 hours) and willing to read something that don’t interest me.

So, about the ‘misunderstanding’ Greg (and I) had. I’ve been showing the type of wedding bands that I want and have told him how I want something unique and different and NOT a solid band. Greg felt that I wanted something flashy and show-off-ish, which isn’t why I wanted something other than a solid band. So, we were looking at a few bands (yes, I have pictures, just too lazy to get the camera and upload) and apparently Greg misunderstood the questions I was asking the sales clerk (when I would ask about the total carat weight, etc) because he thought I would want something bigger, when in fact I was making sure it wasn’t too big. Yadda Yadda Yadda… nearly and hour later I told Greg that I am going to leave it up to him to find, and buy, my wedding band. Initially, he said he wanted to do this, the wedding band shopping, together, but I told him I am going to leave it up to him. And, so far, he’s taken this ‘challenge’ seriously and showed me some things he likes to get my feedback and such. But, we’ll see what happens.

This time next week I’ll be in Michigan! I am bummed, though, because Greg and I, along with 5 other people, will not be attending a Tigers game as we had anticipated. Why? Because ‘scalpers’, also known as company season ticket holders, bought a lot of the seats (in the bench seat section) and are charging nearly 5x’s the face value. Basically, aside from the “obstructed view” seats, there isn’t any place left where we could buy seven seats. Greg was looking on StubHub and said, between two sellers, alone, they had a combined 44 seats in the bench seat section. The tickets in that section generally range between $15-$18 a seat and these two holders were asking $55 a seat! I am pretty bummed about not going to a game, as is Greg. I just hope we’ll be able to go to a game something this season!

While we’re in Michigan, we’re going to head over to the Toldeo Zoo, probably on Saturday. Greg is excited about the zoo because they have alpaca’s. Of all things to be tickled pink about, it’s the alpaca. He’s so weird. Also, while we’re in Michigan, we plan on visiting a park on the lake. I don’t know the name of the park or anything. Actually, I don’t know much of what’s going on during the trip and I’m a little hesitant. Not that I’m an ‘control freak’ when it comes to trips or anything, I just like to know what’s going on because I hate to waste time when I’m somewhere new.


Oh, and get this. I am starting to get sick. How great is that? Yesterday, I noticed a pressure feeling (as if someone had there thumb pressing into the side of my neck) as if my thyroid was swollen or inflamed (as it has done so in the past). Thought nothing of it as it usually goes away. Well, as the day progressed, a cough developed (ever so slightly) and then a sore throat feeling started. Now, as of today, the throat is all sorts of itchy and irritated. The cough is still here (and painful) and I don’t think the symptoms are going to go away – at least anytime soon. Fuck.



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