I feel like crap.

I’ve decided to not go with Greg to the air show tomorrow. I just don’t think I’ll have the energy. That, and I’ll probably be cranky and lots of other annoying things. It’s going to be very weird to not be around Greg tomorrow; we haven’t spent a day apart (aside from work) at all since we’ve moved in; which is weird in of itself… I think. I don’t know. Greg and I have a lot in common so we do a lot of things together; which is completely different from when Adam and I were together – I couldn’t wait to have him out of the house!

So, what am I going to do tomorrow? I have no idea/clue. Maybe I’ll go to David’s Bridal and try on a few dresses and see what I like, style wise. I’ve decided on a focus/accent color but I have a hunch this color is going to be a little challenging.

Tell me what you think of this:


And this isn’t the first time she’s suggested that! I must be one hawt mamma! Greg and I got a kick out the message.

I’ve uploaded the pictures of the wedding bands. I’m not really feeling any of them as THE ONE, but it’s fun to look. Of the three I looked at, I like this one:

Top Pick of the Three

I like the little ridges on the side.

I took a really nice picture of my engagement ring earlier this week:

up close

I need to have the ring cleaned (you can see the specs of dirt – but that could be due to the dust on the keyboard). I am so in-love with emerald cut diamonds! I just love the clean lines! Finding a wedding band to match has been a little challenging, though.





3 thoughts on “Blah

  1. How about a 5some? ROFL!

    That’s too funny!

    You’re ring is GORGEOUS, I heart it. the pictures are great but I bet it’s even better in person! You’ll find plenty to do when Greg is gone I’m sure, or you might spend spend the whole time online! lol

  2. Ooh.. do we have a volunteer?

    Thank you!

    Doubt I’ll spend the day online (well, at least the whole day), cause if anything I’d rather be in bed!

    I have a slew of “plans” but I doubt I’ll do all, if any, of them.

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