No Title

Daddy's Big (little) Girl

Amelia is home!

Gosh, doesn’t she look so much older? I swear she’s grown another inch or more in the last week!

We picked up Amelia this afternoon and met at our ‘usual’ spot for lunch. Amelia is always the center of attention when we’re out and about. Can I blame her? Look at that beautiful smile of hers!

So, how was everyone’s weekend?

Saturday I washed every article of clothing we own and cleaned the house (except for the bathrooms, I left those for Greg). My brother came over because he was having an asthma attack and needed my inhaler (which I gave him since I have a back-up). I told Sean to make an appointment with a physician so he can receive some treatment, but being the male that he is, he’s stubborn and says “yeah yeah…” Sean hung out for a good bit and we caught up on family things (no gossip, just plans) and he tried to get me to go to the Columbia ‘Wine in the Woods’ event, to which I declined (I’m not a huge wine drinker and still having to pay $20 to get in as a DD seemed like a waste).

Greg was home by 4-ish and I tended to him and his sunburn (see the redness on his face?). I soaked him in aloe vera gel.

We leave for Michigan in 4 days! Earlier tonight we were looking at our flight information and the morning flight is BOOKED! We’re going to have a stranger sitting next to us on the flight in… I just hope the person has a lot of patience.

I was reading Brooke’s blog and I’m so relieved that their baby is doing well. When I went to update Greg (and to tell him that they’re having a girl; because everyone’s first baby has been a girl at his office; this is the 4th baby) about what Brooke wrote, I told him that I want to have another baby. I’m ready. But, together, we’re not ready; we have a few goals to accomplish before we have Baby #2, and the first is to own a house. But, we did agree (and I have this is writing in case he denies this later) that when Amelia is about three and a half years old, we will stop with the birth control and let nature take its course.

Time to hit the hay and start a new week!


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