Michigan Trip: Day 1

First, I will state that the flight wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. And, I was the only one that shedded a tear or two (for some reason the take off was really scary for me – and the turbulance afterwards). Amelia was fantastic on the flight!

On to the Day:

We were up by 6am – all of us! We finished up any last minute packing and went through everything three more times to make sure we weren’t forgetting anything. By 7:10 we were on our way to the airport! Thankfully, the drive to the airport is less than 10 minutes. We parked in the long term parking lot and caught the bus over to the terminal. We checked our ONE LUGGAGE and had to pay $25 because it was six pounds over the weight limit. SIX FREAKING POUNDS! And, at first the lady was going to charge us $50 for being over the weight limit, but since we booked our flight back in Feb, we only had to pay the $25. So, I told Greg that the luggage is going on a diet and will be under the weight limit on the way back (or we’ll have to pay another $25).

Going through security was a breeze. It was so cool to use our passports when we were asked for identification.

By 8:15am we were walking to our gate – all the way at the end. At least it was my lucky number, 11. We stopped and bought some breakfast and ate at the gate. My Mom called and we chatted for a few minutes and by 8:50-9:00 they made the boarding call. Greg and I were the very first people on the plan!

My Family on the Plane

The flight was uneventful; there was a lot of turbulance at first, but once we were above the clounds it was a pretty smooth ride.

Here are some pictures from the window:

Still in MD

above the clouds

Amelia sleeping on the plane

And, sometime between 10am and 11am we arrived in Michigan!

The plane that brought us to Michigan

I didn’t like the airport. Our gate, when we arrived, was nearly at the opposite end of where the luggage claim place was. For some reason I was pretty irritable and grumpy once we landed. Might have been due to the exhaustion and having to carry Amelia through the crowded airport, who knows, either way I had a short fuse.

We had a short wait for Greg’s Dad to pick us up. The weather was about 50 degrees when we arrived – much cooler than when we left MD!

Our first stop was the house to drop off our luggage and then we were off to Frankenmuth, MI.

After nearly two hours in the car (remember I have a short attention span and was already cranky. But, I did nap part of the way there) we arrive! Our first stop was for lunch since we were all hungry. We had lunch at the famous Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth. It was an interesting lunch. Greg’s Dad and I ordered the “all you can eat” meal which comes with everything under the sun served to you. The food was interesting, the chicken, which they are famous for, wasn’t all that great. The atmosphere of the place is what made the visit so interesting. Oh, and they’re famous bakery shop below the restaurant! Greg and I couldn’t resist the temptation and bought a few truffels and a bottle of wine. Here are some pictures:


World Famous Chicken

Cupcake Cake

Huge Brownie Cheesecake

After a little shopping at the bakery, we headed over to Bronner’s. Bronner’s puts Valley View Farms to shame with the Christmas decor; this place is massive! We didn’t have much time to explore because the place closes at 5:30pm and we got there just before 5. We did buy a personalized ornimate with “Greg, Amelia, and Jess 2008 Trip to Michigan” on it and two shot glasses (one for Greg’s co-worker). Here are a few pictures from the store:


Christmas Galore!

Inside a Gingerbread House

After Bronner’s we stopped at the Bavarian Inn’s “park”. To get to the Inn you go over this awesome covered bridge:

Covered Bridge

entrance to the bridge

The park has a peacock pen and this one peacock had its feathers on full display:

peacock on display

after hanging out in the park, we stopped for some cheese and fudge:


Greg and Amelia at the Cheese Haus

Frankenmuth Fudge

after we stocked up on our goodies we headed home, a nearly two hour drive!

The rest of the day was spent at the house catching up. Amelia didn’t go to bed until 11pm (she did ‘nap’ on the way home from Frankenmuth).

Of course, you can see ALL the pictures of the trip here.







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