Going with the flow

Well… sorta.

Today we bought my wedding band! Sadly, I don’t have a picture of it but I will get a picture when I go back to pick up my engagement ring on June 9th (I dropped it off for a cleaning and dip). We bought the ring on a whim and it’s not like any of the ones I’ve previously posted. The ring kind of of has an antique-ness to it. I totally love it and so does Greg. Plus, we got a great deal on it ($200 knocked off!).  In the mean time, my ring finger feels so nakedwithout my ring. Boo. Oh, and Greg found a ring that he likes too! It’s made out of Tungsten (very heavy) and it’s pretty neat. We only disagreed on which ring to choose; he liked the ones with the engraved Celtic crosses all around the ring and I liked the one that didn’t have the crosses. We didn’t buy his band as we still have a few more things to do before hand.

We also bought Amelia another pair of shoes. I swear her feet are growing faster than the rest of her body!

And… then there is the cruise.

We may have to change our reservations again. Why?

Because Barenaked Ladies has been charted on the cruise and supposedly it’s an exclusive thing. Meaning, I can loose my reservation if I don’t ‘transfer’ to the organization that charted the cruise (and possibly pay more). As much as I love BNL and initially I was all excited about having BNL on my birthday cruise and all that jazz – Greg feels differently. And, I understand his points of view. So, I called NCL earlier tonight to see that the dilli-o was. Nothing. There is no formal information from NCL. Yet. Apparently, there has been an email sent to their customer service department but nothing is set in stone (guess the money hasn’t been received from the charted company), therefore our reservation is still on schedule. But, on the other hand, we could use this to our advantage. After checking out another message board that I frequent, this isn’t the first time that an entire cruise ship was charted by a private company – after ‘public’ bookings. So, what did the other cruise ships do in the past? Offer ‘free’ upgrades (meaning cabin upgrades) or ship credit (as much as $400 from one post) for another cruise. So, I looked to see what was available for January 2009. There are suites available for the January 4 and 18 sailings (with the same itineraries and everything). So, Greg and I have decided to wait and see what happens. We would love to be able to get a suite for our cruise, and if possible, upgraded for free or very cheaply. Now, we just wait for NCL to call us to inform us of the ‘unfortunate news about our reservation’ and see where we can take it from there.

Otherwise, the weekend has been uneventful. We feel jipped (is that the right word?) on the storms that were making their way here and then completely skipped us!

I don’t know what we’re doing tomorrow. We’ve talked about going to a park and/or having a BBQ with Greg’s Mom for a belated Mother’s Day (except, for the latter, Greg hasn’t called his Mom to see if she’s available).

Sunday is also the RSC, but I don’t think we’ll be attending. If we’re unable to have the BBQ then we’re going to catch-up on the household chores and the ever growing pile of (Greg’s) laundry.

I have two MeMe’s that I am working on but feeling overly lazy. In addition to the MeMe’s there are the details (mostly by picture) of the Michigan trip that I am also working on (and still waiting for Greg to upload the last bit of pictures from last Monday).

Anyway, going to catch-up on the guitar hero.



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