Sunday Musings

Didn’t really do much today.

Greg let me sleep in (sorta), only to fall back asleep himself once I was up.

The laundry is almost caught up. Just the towels and few little things left. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the dryer since the vent was cleaned out (thanks to Condo Guy for requesting, and paying, the service).

As previously noted, Amelia had a hair cut today.

What's going on?

She was a little apprehensive, in the beginning…

then she became excited and happy…

Such a good girl!

and, before we knew it…

we were done!

I am totally loving her hair cut. And, we’ve already noticed how much easier it is to take care of her hair, style it, wash it, and keep it out of her mouth and food! Oh, my Mom is going to LOVE the hait cut as well!!

Once we were done at Great Clips (which I believe we’ll be returning to, for now on, for all of Amelia’s hair cuts. This place was so much better than Cartoon Clips, the place we went to last year) we headed over to my brothers for a quick visit and lunch.

After lunch we came home and just hung out for the rest of the day. I cooked a turkey loin that we picked up from Costco last night. Don’t know if I like it enough to cook the second one. The lime essence was a bit much. It took me a few bites to figure out where I’ve had the flavor (the strong flavor) before: Tostidos Lime tortilla chips.

But, other than that – the TV was on Bridezilla’s or Band of Brothers, both shows Greg and I enjoy watching.

For now, it’s time for bed and the new Venture Bros. show to start.

Here’s to a new week and a new month!


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