Weekend Events

It’s been an interesting weekend.

Saturday started out uneventful. It was hot and humid and I didn’t have any intentions of going outside unless I had to.

Sean, my brother, called me at 12pm and invited me to go phone shopping with him (because he lost his phone – again). So, we arranged to me at the AT&T store at 1pm.

I arrived at the AT&T store, on time. Sean is late (by 10 minutes – which is a long time when it’s hot outside). We go into the store and start browsing the selections. My brother stated he was seriously considering buying the iPhone, so we went over to the display to ‘test’ the phones out. They’re pretty neat, but more than I’ll ever need out of a phone – a waste of my money. Well, because the sales guy was uber creepy, and the fact that there were no iPhones in stock, we headed over to Best Buy. As we were walking back to the cars, Sean realized that he locked his keys in his car! But, we didn’t stress about it because his widow was down enough that all he had to do was un-screw his antenna and use it to push the power lock button. He was lucky; if I were the one that had locked the keys in the car – I’d been screwed since I don’t have anything powered (other than steering) in my car.

Best Buy has a very limited selection of phones but we were able to find one that Sean liked and purchased. Also, since I was there, I was able to talk him out of all the other little bullshit things they were trying to sell him (phone insurance for $6.99/month that covers everything EXCEPT water damage, lost or stolen phones, and physical damage – all the reasons he would be replacing his phone; whereas he can order the same plan through AT&T, pay $4.99/month and no matter what happens to the phone, it will be replaced).

Once the phone was bought, we walked around the store while we waited for Aaron to arrive. Sean and I looked at video games for the Wii, PS3, and PSP. I was looking for Mario Kart to get for Greg as a Father’s Day gift, but they didn’t have any in stock.

Eventually Aaron arrives and we all head over to Bennigan’s for lunch. Nothing to report as service was sub-par.

After lunch we headed separate ways; I went back home while Sean and Aaron went over to Game Stop and then Best Buy (my brother was on a mission to buy a PSP).

Once I am back home, I start the laundry and cleaning. It’s an uneventful evening until I see the sky is getting darker than normal for the time of day. I ask Greg if we’re to expect a storm, so he turns on the Weather Channel and we see a big red mass heading in our direction! Whoohoo!!

Before we knew it, the wind was blowing all over the place, in the drop of a hat the temperature dropped about 10 degrees, and then the lightening began. There was so much lightening and it was fantastic! Greg and I started to video tape the lightening to see what we could catch. We didn’t pay attention to the sliding door, so we didn’t notice that the little bar had fallen behind the door … preventing us from getting back in! We were stuck outside with a severe storm quickly approaching!! Neither of us had our cell phones on us either. And, our front door was locked, so it wasn’t like we could holler for a neighbor to enter our home to get us back in!! We started to get a little worried (Amelia was already asleep by this point, but she was pretty much alone if she started crying!!), so I began to look in the storage closet to see what I could find to wedge between the sliding doors to  lift the bar… not much available, so we tried the fire starter sticks… they were too short and kept falling in between the doors! Fuck!! So, Greg had a brilliant idea and took off the handle to one of the planters (the one my Mom gave us) and was able to wedge it between the doors and lift up the handle so that I could open the door!! Except, the fallen wood pieces then began to stop the door from opening. Ugh! So, I said fuck it and shoved the door down the track so that we could get in.

All is well.

Not too long afterwards, as we’re watching the storm through the sliding doors, we notice that Greg’s trunk is fully open! And, it’s raining. So, I offer to run down stairs to close the trunk and he won’t let me! That meanie!! Greg declares that there isn’t anything of value in the trunk, so there isn’t a loss due to water damage.

Just as we’re settling into the storm, our condo intercom buzzes! It was Sean and Aaron, they decided to stop by because Sean has a gift for me: A nobby replacement for my PSP! Aw, how sweet. As a thank you, I gave them a pack of toilet paper, and then they were off.


I was up and out of bed at 6:45am. I don’t get up and out of bed that early for work! Amelia doesn’t seem to realize that it’s Sunday; a day to sleep in! And, since Greg was kind enough to let me sleep in yesterday (to which he went back to bed once I was up – at 8:30am), I let him sleep in this morning.

Once breakfast was over I began the laundry, cleaning of the kitchen and living/dining room. Our one and only errand today was to run over to Wal-mart for some grocery shopping (they have cheaper yogurt). We decided to have lunch at Subway and I was pleasantly surprised to see Amelia eat about 80% of her ham and cheese sandwhich; she didn’t even want her oatmeal and raisin cookie!

Our trip was full of ‘sight-seeing’; Greg calls Wal-mart’s “white trash capitals”, or something along those lines. And, there is a reason for the title: people wearing clothing that they shouldn’t; people screaming and hollering at their babies; children running all over the store with a mind for destruction and no parents to supervise them. Yeah, always a lot to see when we visit. Fortunately, we only go for the yogurt and few other items, so we’re in and out relatively quickly (depending on the lines).

Amelia feel asleep on the way home and took a nearly two hour nap; to which Greg and I took advantage of: we watched the Travel Channel and their cruise episodes and did more extensive research for our up coming cruise… which we’ve rescheduled again for JANUARY 18, 2009!! Greg and I are crossing our figures for a call from the “upsell fairy” before we sail – there are plenty of suites available on the cruise (at only $150/pp) and we were seriously considering upgrading but changed our mind in hopes of a future call.

The rest of the day has been uneventful; finished ALL the laundry and did some vacuuming. Cooked salmon for the second time in my life and actually did a good job! It was a simple meal of lemon pepper salmon and salad for Greg. I just had salad (don’t like fish, plus when it’s really hot outside I tend to not have an appetite), and watched The Princess Bride.

Amelia faught for two hours (she just fell asleep) to go to bed. Not that she was fussy or anything, she just kept talking and calling out for us (“Daddy! Com’mer”; “Mommy! I’s Seeppin”).

At the moment, watching some new episode of Bridezilla; Greg and I really enjoy watching that show for MANY reasons, and there have been many times Greg has thanked his lucky stars that I am NOTHING like the brides on the show (but, then again, if those brides didn’t ‘act’ (hint hint) like they did, then we wouldn’t have a show to watch).

Pretty boring day.

Oh, and I just realized (well, last night as I was talking to April) that next Sunday is Father’s Day and I’m not ready! I thought I had another week!! I already have the cards; two for Greg (one from me and one from Amelia), one for PopPop (Van, my step-dad) and one for Grampa (Greg’s Dad). Amelia “signed” the cards for PopPop and Grampa and I just need to have her “sign” Greg’s. Anyway, we were watching the O’s game earlier today and a commercial for the O’s yearbook came on and he made some comment (maybe it was a hint) about it so I ordered it earlier today; doubt it will be delivered in time. Also, as soon as I can find Mario Kart, I’m going to pick it up and for the other things I was going to buy, I can hold off since they won’t be here on time anyway. And, I did inform Greg of this and he’s fine (and keeps telling me that he doesn’t want any gifts).

Welp, I’m heading off to bed. Time to start another week!


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