Hope Floats

Today Greg and I, along with Amelia, went to the Columbia LakeFest  to support Greg’s company in their participation in the cardboard boat regatta.

It was hhoott and humid today; I’ve never sweated so much in life for doing nothing.

We had a good time, nonetheless. Amelia had fun and was wise enough to stay in the shade with me while Greg did all the photo taking.

Anyway, pictures are worth a thousand words, so here we go!

The Scene - stage and humidity

It wasn’t even noon and the humidity was thick.

The Competition

Some of the competition – a little creative.

The Competition

eh, a little better

The Competition

my favorite boat – a paper hat!

And here’s our team, The Green Beards:

Team Green Beards

I didn’t get a really good picture of the boat. Greg has been taking many pictures of the boat all week (during the assembly) and today. Eventually, he’ll upload his pictures onto Flickr (which reminds me, I need to renew his pro membership).

I really don’t have much to write about the events: teams created a cardboard boat and had to be able to make their way to the finish line – 200 meters away – without sinking or falling out of the boat. Surprisingly, the few races we watched (because as soon as The Green Beards “sailed” we left), there were only two sinking’s; which I bet felt really good.

Anyway, here are a few more pictures of the day:

"pirate" flag

Amelia eating a popsicle

Amelia hogging the lemonade

Amelia sporting a new hat

The runners up

and, as to be expected, all the pictures can be found over here.


One thought on “Hope Floats

  1. Amelia has quite the rockin’ hat there! lol She’s so cute! I’m glad you guys had fun, at least you have had decent weather. Ours has been pretty shitty here….the sun hasn’t come out till late afternoon the last few days. Unless it’s raining, then it just sucks!

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