This and That

A whole lot of nothing has been going on… sorta.

It’s nice to know that some things, price wise and such, are going down for me – rather than increasing. What, might you be wondering to yourself, in the current world be decreasing in price? Well, my car insurance! It’s actually $5/month cheaper this year than last years, and that’s including the car accident I had last July! Hey, $5 less is better than $5 more!

This is the year of 30. Every single one of Greg’s friends, and Greg himself, are turning, or have turned, 30 this year. Shoot, this coming Sunday I am going to Jay’s 30th Birthday party! I’m the odd one out for the year. Oh well.

Today was an extremely busy day. And oddly enough, it was a good day. Today I broke my all time record on productivity; but I had no choice since 6 people decided to not show up for work!!! There is a lot of speculation going on, around the office, about those that called out – some are thinking it was intentional – kind of like that Pregnancy Pact up in Massachusetts. Either way, tomorrow should be interesting.

There is some sad news: One of Greg’s friends, Billy (who turned 30 in May) has been in and out of the hospital since April (actually, he was admitted right after his daughter’s 2nd Birthday Party – which Greg and I, with Amelia, attended). His status isn’t good and the doctors at Hopkins don’t know what’s wrong. This morning Greg received an email from Billy’s wife (who also works at the same company) giving everyone an update. Here are a few excerpts from the email:

I want to give you all an update on Billy. He is in terrible shape. Over the past week he has had one major surgery to remove his large intestine, and then two subsequent major, emergency surgeries because of intermittent uncontrolled bleeding.

He has had at least 15 blood transfusions (I’ve lost count) and has something like 16 IVs pumping various drugs into him.

He has been declared a trauma patient because of the terrible stress his body has been subject to over three major surgeries.

He is fighting for his life.

Those are just a few sentences from the email. Greg is scared; he mentioned what Billy is going through is sort of a wake-up call in life for him. That last sentence from Billy’s wife “He is fighting for his life” is scary to read and comprehend the severity of the situation. Billy just turned 30 years old. He has a gorgeous 2 year old daughter and an amazing and beautiful wife. His life is just beginning! It’s also scary at how quickly his ‘illness’ has progressed – he’s so weak right now. In a sense, this kind of reminds me what me and my family were going through back in late October 2005 (the link was the very first post about my aunt and started the 7 weeks) – when my aunt was dying; the time from her diagnosis to death was 7 weeks. She was 44 when she died in December 2005. We were all in shock at how quickly everything happened. I really hope the same isn’t happening with Billy. I’m not much of one to ask for prayers, but I am sure Billy could use some – and he and his family are definitely in my thoughts and hopes for a speedy recovery.

Hard to change the subject after the last paragraph…

Let’s talk about something wedding related, shall we?

Ok. I’ve been debating if I want a veil or not. And, if I do, I want something short – maybe shoulder length. I do know, that if I do want a veil that I am going to have the veil attached to a tiara, rather than hair combs. So, this past Sunday I took Amelia with me to A.C. Moore, a craft store, to look around at some of the DYI bridal ‘stuff’. Yeah, didn’t leave much to be desired. But, I did find a tiara that I kinda sorta like:

Possible Tiara

it’s two toned; gold and non-gold. I like the design, simple and not too flashy (if at all). But still not feeling ‘it’. I’ve been looking around on eBay as well and haven’t found anything either. Eh, maybe I’ll go without – after all, it’s a simple eloping ceremony, right?

Have you ever had one of those days where something sticks out about the date? Today was one of those days. There was something about 6/23 the kept ringing something… and then I relized what it is: today is Adam’s 33rd birthday. I knew his birthday was coming up (I never forget a birthday, seriously. I’m freaky about dates like that). There was a brief moment when I thought about sending him an email (our last exchange was in January) but I decided against it. I haven’t thought about, much less cared, about him since I received the divorce papers in the mail. So, just for shit’s sake, I went through my old emails from him (keeping a record just in case) and re-reading his replies brought up some anger – again. Eh, that’s all in the past and I’ve moved on – I got my divroce and there is nothing else I need from him. Booked closed.

Remember when I was talking about Boudior photos; well I got a little creative and had Greg take a few photos. I’m going to post a few, because they turned out really good, in a password protected post – leave a comment if your curious (they’re clean and tasteful).

I’m getting sleepy so I’m heading off to bed.


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