Double Take

Our Twins

Originally uploaded by creativeFlutter AKA MazerDesign

When Amelia was 4 mos. old, I was contacted, via Flickr, of another mommy of a 4 mos. old whose daughter looked

After exchanging a few emails we learned a lot about our daughters and how they are nearly identical twins. Amelia is one week, to the day, older than Lo.

Even to this day our daughters are identical! They are in the same weight range, diaper/clothing size, everything. Lo did start growing teeth a few days before Amelia, as well as walking, but eveything else in their growth and development has been together.

It’s freaky cool!

Anyway, Lo’s Mom made this photo for a Flickr group, “duets”. The picture on the left is Amelia and the one on the right is Lo.

The photo shoot was also a ‘twin moment’ as we took the pictures without the other knowing until they were uploaded.


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