Random Stuff

Amelia had her 18 month check up today! My little (BIG) girl is growing like a weed, finally!

Here are her current numbers (you can read about her last appointment here):

Weight: 23lbs and 4 oz (most weight she’s gained, ever, in between visits!)

Height: 31.5 inches

She has 4 molars coming in; one on each side – top and bottom! My little (BIG) girl is going to be able to chew more efficiently soon!

Amelia, for the last week and some odd days, has been eating cereal – such as Cheerios – on her own each morning! Yes, an actual bowl of cereal with milk! And each morning, when she’s done, she will tip the bowl and yell out “BIG MESS” to which I just laugh at her.

To celebrate Amelia’s check-up (and weight gain) we decided to go out to dinner (plus, both of us were feeling lazy). We debated on where to go: Pastore’s, Texas Roadhouse, or Outback. We decided on Texas Roadhouse since it was closer and we haven’t been there in over a year (Easter 2007, when Greg’s Dad was in town, was the last time. Plus, this was the restaurant that Greg and I went to on our first date – even though, at the time, we didn’t call it a date, but looking back we both agree that it was a date). I beat Greg to the restaurant and get us a table (in the section that I like to call: Kids Freezer because it was fucking cold and that’s where they stuck all the people who had kids with them – all the way in the back of the restaurant). About 10 minutes go by and no Greg (and I asked the waitress to keep an eye out for him since we were so far away from the entrance), so I decide to call him and my phone has no service – it’s on emergency calls only! So, I pack up Amelia and head outside and try to call Greg. Phone was giving me so many issues and I was getting angry (at the phone). Finally, I call Greg and he’s all “Where are you?!” all frantic and stuff. And I said that I was at Texas Roadhouse and he replied “WHAT!! I’ve been at the Outback waiting for YOU!”

Not uh!

So, I’m starting to get all mad at him because I KNOW I said Texas Roadhouse!! I ask him if he wants me to wait for him, or pay the tab (just two sodas) and meet him at Outback (which was about 20-30 min away). He said he’d come to me.

I go back inside and sit Amelia in the high chair and giver her some of the warm bread rolls (so she doesn’t freeze to death) and wait. About 5 minutes later Greg appears. I look at him suspiciously because there’s no way he could have made it from Outback to Texas Roadhouse in 5 minutes. Finally, he cracks and tells me that he made a stupid mistake on his way here (tried to be slick with taking a back road to beat me and he ended up going in the wrong direction) and played a joke on me. He was lucky he wasn’t sitting across from me because my foot probably would have made it to the spot where the sun don’t shine!

Dinner was nice (aside from being cold) and uneventful. As we were leaving the restaurant, Amelia was telling everyone bye-bye and waiving. She’s such a ham!

Tomorrow, being a day off for me, is going to be busy! Co-workers of Greg are asking about Amelia so I’m going to stop by his office for a bit; my company is hosting a “bring your child to work” day, so I’m going to stop by for a bit. And then, once I am done visiting the work places, I am heading down to meet my Mom in Waldorf and we’re going to do a little dress shopping!! I am so freaking excited about this!! Finally, the time has come that I can seriously start wedding related shopping – especially for my dress!!! I swear, I wasn’t anywhere near this excited when I was marrying Adam; which just means (and proves) to me that Greg and I are truly meant for each other.

On the work front, I received my annual evaluation and my raise percentage and bonus!! The company bases the raise and bonus on your overall score of 1-5. The lower the number, the higher the raise and bonus. It’s a well known fact that NO ONE gets a one. So, the next best is a two. Well, my dear readers, I received a two!! Which means I constantly meet AND exceed expectations. So, I know my new salary amount (which is nice – not amazing, but nice) and I receive the same bonus amount as I did last year (also, because last year I scored a two). What’s even more exciting (for me at least) is that this week is a pay week, next week we receive our bonus check (which will be more than an actual paycheck for me – but then again, I have a lot of deductions from my paycheck) and the following week will be another pay week – so for the next 3 weeks, we’re going to be receiving some money!!! Which is another reason we decided to go out and eat tonight.

Due to our new, temporary, wealth we are moving forward with our plans to visit Ocean City, MD at the end of the month!! My Mom is so excited; she loves the beach. Also, since my Mom’s 49th birthday is this month, we’re going to treat her as a birthday present.

So, our hunt for an affordable hotel in OC has begun. We have a goal of no more than $200 a night (we’re going to be staying for two nights) – and it’s a little challenging. We;re looking for an efficacy type room with a little kitchenette (so we won’t have to spend so much money on restaurants). But, I think it helps that we’re going to be staying during the week, rather than the weekend.

Greg had a follow-up appointment about a week about with his physician (and he’ll continue to go every three months). Greg has been loosing weight consistently over the last 3-4 months. The amount is small (about 20lbs all together) and I’ve already noticed a difference on him. We’ve altered our eating habits (less snacking really) and have switched to whole grain everything. Greg has also converted to diet soda and sugar-free drinks (which is huge of him to do!). He’s shared all of this with his physician and the only thing we need to work on is: more exercise. And we both know this. And our excuse is lack of time. Which, when you have a toddler seems a legitimate excuse! Well, to solve this ‘issue’, we’ve been on a major, serious, hunt for the Wii Fit. And, we almost had one this past Monday (the store just sold the last one about a half hour before I got there). These damn things are nearly impossible to find in stock (except for eBay)!!! Maybe I’ll get lucky tomorrow and find one.

July is going to be a hella busy (and hot) month for us! Every weekend we have some place/event to attend. I’m not complaining though – I want summer to hurry up and be over with! The closer to January, the happier I’ll be.

I am going to drive myself crazy with the up coming cruise! First, I’m checking, DAILY, if the cost per person has gone down for our sailing – because if it has, I can get the lower price!! Second, all the shore excursions to choose from! How am I to pick? Third, with so many destinations to choose from, I want to book another cruise ASAP!! Especially a transatlantic cruise. Oh, Greg and I have been lusting over the cruise catalog on the European ports. We’ve decided/agreed to take a transatlantic cruise within the next 5 years – and it’s going to be a family cruise! Over all, I can totally see myself getting addicted to cruising!

alright, it’s after midnight (for the second night in a row) and I need to get to bed.


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