Weekend Details: Part 1

Where have I been for the last 3-4 days? What have I been up to? What did we do for the 4th?

Well, we’ve been busy yet lazy at the same time.

Amelia had a fever until Saturday; her fever was brought on by her DTaP shot, which is a typical reaction. Friday night into Saturday morning was the worst; she slept in bed with us because we were concerned. Thankfully, the fever broke and by 9am the fever was gone and she was returning to her normal self, except for her appetite – which is still a work in progress (and I believe the summer heat is having an affect on that as well). So, from Thursday afternoon, when we noticed the fever, until Saturday morning – Amelia was literally glued to either Greg or me; she had to be within touching distance in order to remain happy. We were able to run a few errands on Friday, mainly to the jewelry store! And, we bought Greg’s wedding band!!:

Greg\'s Wedding Band

it’s a Tungsten band with laser engraving. Greg has been drooling over this ring since we first saw it (a couple of months ago). For some reason he likes the crosses on the ring; he said the crosses kind of look medieval or Renaissance-y and that was the appeal; plus, it’s unique and stands out (in a non-flashy way). We also paid off my ring (had it on layaway so it wouldn’t get sold). So, for wedding related “To-Do”‘s, we’re getting near the end of the list! I just need to find my dress and a nice pair of pants for Greg and that’s it!

We didn’t go out for the 4th of July, due to Amelia’s fever and the heat. So, we watched the fireworks on TV (I believe the show we were watching was showing fireworks in Boston). Oh, also on Friday, we went on a quest to find the Wii Fit (of course, ‘YouTube’ Wii Fit and you get video’s like this one). We checked with five stores and no one had any in stock; one store did offer to put us on a waiting list (which we declined). I can’t believe (well, maybe I can to some extent) how hard these things are to find! Yeah, I could buy one on eBay, but I am being cheap (they retail for $89.99 at Target and everywhere else but eBay, which is asking $159.99!). But, I did buy 2 new CD’s: Coldplay’s A Rush Of Blood To The Head and Viva La Vida. Both are great albums! I tried to remember the last CD I bought and no memory came to me; I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I bought a new CD. Back in the day, I used to download songs from Limewire and just make my own mixed CD’s. Oh, wait! I remember my last CD: Modest Mouse’s Good News for People Who Love Bad News and I’ve since lost it (some where in the Pontiac). I loved every single song on that CD. I should buy another copy (I bought the last one off eBay).

Saturday was spent doing the laundry and a run to Costco’s. We bought a scale to watch our weight (and Amelia’s – so now there’s no wonder if she’s gaining!). I am happy to report that I still weigh less now than I did this time in 2006 – but the weight is creeping back up. Also, there was a point in time, after Amelia’s birth, that I weighed less than what was stated on my drivers license, by as much as 13 lbs, and now I am 22 lbs over my stated weight! So, Greg and I are going to focus more on our weight. We have a goal weight in mind (mine is more realistic than his, in my opinion) and since we’re just shy of 6 months from the cruise – we have more of an incentive.

Today, Sunday, was spent down in Southern Maryland celebrating my cousin’s high school graduation. Our first stop was at my Mom’s where Greg walked around the house and took pictures of Mom’s garden while I taught Van how to get pictures from the camera to the laptop and then how to email them to me so I can help him sell stuff on eBay (yeah, I know). Anyway, Greg took some amazing pictures:

Dahlia - my second favorite flower

The Dahlia is my second favorite flower; followed closely by the Orchid.


I think this is a Lily

Hungry Hummingbird

I love the humming bird pictures!

Flock of Butterflies

and, really, I could post countless pictures but it would probably be easier if you just checked them out on Flickr.

Speaking of Flickr – they have this neat ‘partnership’ (I guess) with Picnik, a sight that will edit your photo for you (and you can choose what edits to create) and … I’ve fallen in love with Picnik and I’ve been considering buying their membership (since I’m going to renew my Flickr membership next month). What I love about Picnik is that it does all the features (well, most) that I want to learn in Photoshop, and it’s so much easier.

Anyway, it’s getting late and I’m getting sleepy (and distracted). I’ll finish up the weekend later.