Bored at the Tire Store

The title says it all.

I am sitting in the waiting area of the local tire store waiting to have a new tire installed on my car. This is the second tire “issue” I’ve had in a year (different tire, thankfully) – actually, the last tire “issue” was last 4th of July!

Anyway, I may have mentioned in the past that one of my rear tires has a slow leak… well, Sunday morning we walked out to the car to see said tire completely flat; as if it was melted onto the street! So, we took Greg’s car down and when we got home I called my road side assistance (provided through my cell phone carrier for $2.99/month) and had someone come out and change the tire (in the rain).

I swear I am Death for cars. If cars could communicate to one another, I’m sure all would fear me when I get behinde the steering wheel. I can’t go a year without some car related saga (last year was the blow out on the 4th and later that month the accident), so hopefully this “issue” will be it for the year!