Yeah, I’ve been MIA this week…

It has been one hella busy work week and honestly, when I finally come home – getting back on the computer isn’t the first thing I want to do!

Not too much going on in my world. I still need to finish up last weekends details and I’m debating about writing about last Thursday when Mom and I did some wedding dress shopping.

July is going by so quickly (and I’m loving it)! I totally don’t like summer. Yeah, going to the beach is fun and all… but I’d rather play in the snow.

This weekend we’re attending a birthday party. Well, Amelia was invited to the party, so we’re invited by association. This is the birthday party of my co-workers daughter, the one that we had the play date this past April and went to the Father’s Day brunch with. We really need to get together more often with Sam and Chris – we have so much in common with them (especially with the gaming).

I received an invitation today for Brooke’s baby shower in August. The party is all the way in Frederick, MD so Greg and I are debating if he’s going to stay home while Amelia and I attend the party or if he’s going to hang out at the Frederick Zoo while we attend the party. Decisions, decisions…

At work, I am assisting the Team Lead (TL) (the position I applied for last year and didn’t get – not that I’m complaining) with ‘research’ on enrollments. You see, we receive calls, on a daily basis, from people who state they never authorized us to be on their bill. Well, all telephone calls are recorded. So, I am assisting the TL will locating those calls. And, as expected – they are all legitimate authorizations. We play the call for the customer to hear – after they’ve already bitched, yelled, and even threatened the CSR – and… it’s so funny to hear them say “That’s obviously not my voice. I’m going to call my lawyer!” Yeah, and I’m certain the lawyer will laugh in your face! Also, it’s so funny to hear people demand that they be reimbursed for all the gas they overpaid – yeah, and then we tell them that we want them to pay us back for all the gas they underpaid… they don’t seem get the joke (because, after all, their request is a joke to us). So, anyway, I’m having a lot (maybe too much even) of fun pulling the recordings and listening to them!

OMG! Amelia. I don’t know what to say about her… this girl can count to 10. And, she’s been doing it all week long. Greg and I love it and play along with her. Tonight, I finally taped her counting (well, Greg taped it but it was my idea):

Amelia is very much the chatter box these days. She will tell us when she’s tired by saying “I want a nap” or “time for night night”, she’ll tell us (if we haven’t smelled it already) when she’s gone poopy, she will tell us stories about Dale (babysitters dog) and Nadie (one of Amelia’s daycare friends). Basically, at the young age of 18 mos, she acts like a full blown toddler – one that is about two and a half or three years old! I asked my Mom if I talked at an early age and she said I did, compared to Sean (who, she says, didn’t talk until he was three and that I was the only person that could understand what he was saying when he did speak). Amelia’s physician mentioned that she’s advanced (mentally) and the babysitter, who had a Masters Degree is child psychology, says she’s advanced as well. I don’t know if I believe them because I don’t have anything to compare Amelia to. So, for me – all this ‘stuff’ is normal.

I’ve finally called and made an appointment with a dermatologist. My boo-boo has… shall we say… ‘sprung a leak’. yeah, I know… totally gross for all those non-bodily-function-fascinated people. Now, my appointment isn’t until Aug 12. I could have been seen sooner but I’ve already missed so much work for July that I didn’t want to take anymore time off.

Next, I need to make an appointment with a Ob/GYN to get that blood test (took another pee stick and it still comes out negative). My cycle was a day late last week and when it did show, it was just spotting – at worst (or best). So, slightly freaked some more (and so is Greg).

Greg and I are looking forward to Ocean City at the end of the month! We’re totally burnt out on work and need this mini-vaca! Also, we’re going to an O’s game and finally catch-up on the movie ‘scene’. There are actual movies out there that I’d like to (over)pay to see!

Anyway, it’s getting late and i am exhausted (with a headache, no thanks to the boo-boo).