Stake Out

Apparently, we have a bad neighbor and we didn’t even know. Actually, what few interactions I’ve have with him have been pleasant, so honestly, I have no opinion about him… but he must have done something bad.

At 9:24am there is a pounding on our door. Not a knock, but a POUNDING that scared both Greg and I awake. Greg answers the door. I try to listen to who could be there but I can’t hear anything. A few minutes later Greg comes back into the bedroom with a business card from a cop. The cop was asking questions about one of our neighbors. Greg answered the questions best to his knowledge. A few minutes after Greg and the cop ended their conversation we hear, what sounds like, something or someone ramming our neighbors door. Like, seriously the whole entire building probably heard it. So, Greg and I start to wonder what could be going on; Greg gets on the internet to look up any information about our neighbor within the AACO police dept. and couldn’t find anything. I watched the cop (who was wearing street clothes) look around the parking lot and look into the neighbors car. Eventually Greg and I go about our day.

Around 1pm we leave for the O’s game. As we’re walking to Greg’s car this big ol’ crown vic comes out of this parking spot (I was completely oblivious to it being there) and pulls up behind Greg car – blocking us in. The cop goes “hey buddy”, we turn around and Greg walks up to the cops car. I try to occupy myself so I don’t look like I’m being nosey (ha ha ha) and try to listen to the conversation.

Basically, tomorrow morning, at 5am, we’re going to get a buzz to let the BATTERING RAM people come into the building. BATTERING RAM!!! What the fuck did our neighbor do?

Once we got into the car Greg and I were like “wholey fuck”… we were so engrossed in talking about our neighbor and trying to guess at what he could have done that we completely missed our exit to the light rail and had to turn around somewhere.

Someone isn’t going to get much sleep tonight!!

I will keep everyone posted on what happens tomorrow.