Just a Quickie

  • Work = Stressful! They are now training me on a whole new program for a whole new territory and I am still expected to do EVERYTHING else they’ve thrown at me. Umm…, yeah… I’ve been coming into work an hour early every day this week to get a head start on the work I didn’t finish the night before only to be thrown into a three day training that takes up five and a half hours of my nine hour work day (including the extra hour of coming in and NOT including the lunch hour that I actually work through). I’m going to have to have a talk with a certain someone soon. But, the OT is great!
  • Greg took the day off today. And, guess what he did…. HE CLEANED THE WHOLE CONDO!! Yes, he actually cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, did all the laundry and thew all the trash away. He also went through the closets and threw away the items that we no long need or use. He was pretty busy today. We’re not completely done with the ‘Condo Purge of 2008’ but that’s what Saturday is for.
  • The Dark Knight is fucking awesome! We saw it last night with a group of co-workers and LOVED IT. My only complaint would be Christian Bale as Batman (only); I could not stand the way he talked. When he was playing the Bruce Wayne character, it was all good (kinda kinky, in a sense, because I had watched American Psycho a few weeks ago and was thinking of that character and the Bruce Wayne character… but that’s me). Personally, my favorite Batman was played by Val Kilmer (followed by Michael Keaton). Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker is… indescribable. He was beyond perfect. I loved the Jack Nicholson Joker too, and I fell in-love with the Joker because of Jack Nicholson’s performance (and I just loved the character.period.) and how the voice fit the personality “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” (one of my favorite lines in the movie)… but Heath’s performance was beyond Jack Nicholson’s. Really, I can’t describe how good this movie is. I told Greg earlier tonight that I want to go see it again, and that the Dark Knight was better than Transformers… Greg agreed with me.
  • So looking forward to going to the beach next week. We were looking at the weather forecast and it’s looking like we’re going to have cloudy days… but that’s fine with me.
  • My Mom and step-dad took Amelia to the National Zoo today and she had a blast! I can’t wait to see the pictures. It’s kind of weird to think that when Greg and I went I was pregnant with her… so, in an odd sense, she’s been there twice.
  • Going to a family reunion on Sunday. Kind of wish I didn’t commit to going; I’d rather have a whole weekend to myself.
  • My best-est friend, Michele, just got engaged! I’m so excited for her
  • Starting to get scared about my dental appointment on Monday
  • Greg and I had a pretty deep conversation last night about depression (and how is could, depending on the type of depression, lead to suicide) and marriage (but not marriage and depression combined). It all started as we were talking about Heath Ledger and his death. I felt there could have been a possibility of suicide and mixing the medications he took was his means of death – I’m not saying that is what he did, as in his death was intentional (ie suicide), but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. Either way, his death could have been a 50/50 of accidental and intentional, and we’ll never know. I commented to Greg that suicide is more common than we are probably aware (in the movie/acting industry – as well as everyday people) and he doubted me! He doesn’t think/feel suicide is as big as I view it to be. I know someone (in my immediate family) that tried to commit suicide and he failed. His life hasn’t improved much over the last 10-15 years – due to his actions of pretty much alienating himself from his family and not seeking help for his alcoholism (and I could go on), so I could agree that my opinion about suicide is biased, but still… to think that suicide is not a frequent, or common, ‘thing’ blows me away.
  • Yeah, this was suppose to be a ‘quickie’… but it ended up being a little longer than I had intended to be..
  • Time for bed!