Kicking and Screaming

I pretty much felt like kicking and screaming myself AWAY from the dentist. I was getting so incredibly nervous – with good reason. I took the recommend dose of the mind altering meds (3 pills, but seriously thought about taking more) and inhaled (through my nose) as much of that ‘laughing gas’ as I could. Yes, my whole body felt relaxed – but my mind didn’t. I was still fully aware of what was about to happen and hearing all the machines and equipment going on… wasn’t a big help.

But, the whole process went very well. A lot less drama than the last appointment. And, the doc gave me extra shots of Novocaine, which is now wearing off, and I didn’t feel anything (unlike last time). So, the drama, for now, is over. I have about three stitches due to the alveoloplasty.

This is going to be a short post because I’m really starting to hurt.

We’re still moving forward with our plans of going to Ocean City tomorrow! Mom is getting all excited. Greg and Mom are concerned about me and whether I’ll be able to enjoy myself… I’ve got the bottles (yes, bottles because they gave me ANOTHER prescription for pain killers) of pain meds to take. At the moment, Greg is looking up places to visit (parks, etc) while were there. And, Greg and I are leaving at the crack of dawn to drive up to Sonic and then head over to the Ocean (we might drive through Delaware).

Ok, I’m going to lay down.