What is it with men not listening to women? I asked Greg if he wanted me to put in the sunblock for him and his reply was “why, the sun isn’t out.” and I informed him that he could still get a sunburn, reguardless if it’s sunny or not. Did he listen to me? Nope, and nowe he’s got a pretty wicked burn. So do I. I couldnt find the sunblock and I didn’t really look all that hard. Amelia was covered and is ok.

The day has been long. We did the beach for a few hours, had a horse eat out of our car (yes, there are pictures), had dinner, road the boardwalk tram, road a few rides, had dessert, and came back to the hotel (via tram). It’s been an adventure. Details to come. I’ve got to rub aloe vera all over Greg.


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