Work in Progress

My little report on Amelia’s first trip to the beach is a work in progress. Three are A LOT of pictures (Greg took most of them and I’m waiting for him to upload his to Flickr or until I can ‘steal’ them from his computer… which ever comes first) to share (all of mine are up for friends and family to see – for now). Also, I’m not feeling all that well. I believe I over did it with the tooth extraction and now I’m paying for it; plus I gave my Mom my current supply of antibiotics for her own tooth issues (she doesn’t have health insurance), albeit I have a rx for a new supply (and MORE VicodineĀ  – I swear the dentist gives this stuff out like candy!). Oh, and that I am recovering from my sunburn:
I still feel like this

I still feel like this

There’s a picture for HNT (half-nekkid Thursdays).

Can you believe I had over 50 emails waiting for me at work?! I was only out for three days, people! I was able to catch-up to about 80% of the emails, which is surprisingly good, considering how much they hinder my ability to actually work on things. Oh, and they (my manager and supervisor) moved my desk while I was out. This morning, I was walking towards my old spot and was informed by J (the training manager, he’s really cool) that I’ve been moved – I now sit right in front of the manager and supervisor. So much for getting away with all that I could at my old spot (which I LOVED… I had the window and was alone). Greg views my new spot as a good thing being that I can “get in”, as in buddy buddy, with the people it matters for future promotions (as compared to what I previously wrote about); I don’t see it like he does. Either way, my first day back wasn’t all that stressful, thankfully.

My girlfriend, Michele, text’d me this afternoon asking me if I was available on Saturday. Well, Saturday is Olivia’s first birthday and I told April that we would be there, but now (prior to getting the text from Michele) I’m reconsidering; Greg and I have done so much driving in the last 5 days and spent so much money in gas. We need a break! So, I’ve been debating about driving ALL THE WAY DOWN to La Plata, again, for the birthday party. I feel bad that I’m seriously considering not going, but it’s going to be hot and humid, it’s a long drive, Amelia is probably going to be cranky, and we want a day to relax. Anyway, I told Michele about the birthday party and she told me she wants to come down, see me, and go out for crabs (our spot on the Eastern Shore that has all-you-can-eat). It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Michele (earlier this year I believe, when I went with her to her docs appointment when she felt a lump in her breast… I know I mentioned it, but I’m too lazy to find it and link it) and now that she’s engaged I know she wants to talk wedding (plus she sends me all these cute texts about things she’s looking at, wedding related, and how she’s always thinking of me), and it would be nice to talk wedding with someone. We’ve set a tentative date, Aug 17, to get together and possibly wedding dress shop (we have the same style in mind), which is something I really need to start doing… time is running out! Anyway, I’m torn between going to Olivia’sĀ  (who I saw this past Sunday) first birthday or seeing one of my bestest friends (that I haven’t seen in quite some time)…

I’m beat. I’m thankful that tomorrow is FRIDAY and PAYDAY (not like I have extra spending money) and I have two days to unwind (hopefully). Having no plans for the weekend is sometimes the best plan!