Awe Struck

Greg took this picture while I was out with Michele on Saturday.

When I saw this picture, it took my breath away. It shows so much; innocence, curiosity; mischief, adventure, and so much more.

Her eyes, so clear and pure.

I’ve been thinking of submitting this picture to The Cute Kid website (a photo contest with potential of more).

Greg and I have talked about submitting pictures of Amelia, or entering her into local ‘contests’ (cutest kid/baby things) but we’re kind of hesitent. We don’t want Amelia to grow up thinking looks and beauty (on the outside) is all that’s important in life, and we don’t want to raise another JonBenét“. But we also think about the benefit, which would to take her ‘earnings’ (or winnings if we want to call it that) and place them in a high yield savings account for her college tuition.

So, tell me dear readers, should I submit this picture into a photo contest?

2 thoughts on “Awe Struck

  1. I’m a little late with the responses here, but did you ever submit the pictures? I think you should — you have nothing to lose and I don’t think by doing so that you’d raise Jon Benet type of pageant kid. You’d just have to keep a level head about it.

    It really is a great pic. She’s a beautiful child!

  2. What has captured her attention?
    If you do submit (I know, I’m late) send a picture like this one. Not a professional shot. Just a kid being a kid.
    I like your opinion about teaching her that beauty comes from within and not just what’s on the outside. Physical beauty fades, inner beauty grows.

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