One Thing Done

Today we renewed our lease.

That was one big “thing” for us to do and it feels so good to have it all said and done.

Greg and I cleaned, like really cleaned, as in scrubbed the walls (kitchen and hallway, you know how dirty they get ) clean, the condo today in anticipation of Condo Guy’s arrival.

Towards the end of the day as we were awaiting Condo Guy’s arrival, I told Greg that it feels like a Sunday rather than a Saturday and he totally agreed, since we traditionally do all the laundry and cleaning on Sunday.

So, now that we have all the cleaning and all of mine and Amelia’s laundry done, we don’t know what to do tomorrow. We’ve been talking about doing a mini-road trip to the Frederick Zoo (more Greg than me) or go to a local park (one that we haven’t visited recently) tomorrow. I should check to see what the weather is going to be like…

So, with the one big, important, task done (and not have to think about it for another year), I started to think about the wedding and how I MUST get those few tasks left done; such as, and more importantly, my wedding dress.

As much as Mom and I love this dress, and it would be MY wedding dress if I were having a more ‘traditional’ wedding, I’ve decided to not get that dress. But, going to get something similar (mainly the halter top style).

My Mom likes this dress a lot and has given me the “OK” to order it, but I’ve been procrastinating. I am the Queen of Procrastination with no good reason. It’s not like I don’t realize how much time I have left; we’ve already filled out the marriage license forms (meant to mention that a few weeks ago…)! Maybe I don’t feel a wedding dress is all that important or something… meh, who knows.

Secondly, I need to get to work on my flowers. I am dead certain that I am going with a silk nosegay. My Mom arranged my bouquet (also silk) when I married Adam (which, this past Friday would have been my 5 year anniversary, we got married on 08-08-03  – freaky huh) and they were alright; she added all these little ‘extras’ like a bumble bee and butterflies to the bouquet.

Anyway, I scoured through Flickr and the messages boards (such as The Knot) for ideas and inspiration. And to look for businesses to order the flowers through. I like these:

I would have a different color than green as the primary color

I would have a different color than green as the primary color

I am liking the first, fifth and the sixth bouquets the most (at the moment). I still don’t know what colors I want as the primary color. I do want something different; to stand out in my pictures (even though I don’t know what color my dress is going to be).

Next weekend my girlfriend, Michele, and I are going to a bridal show in Baltimore. I’m sure the show will be more useful for her than me, but it will be nice to hob-knob with wedding people and at least get some info for our wedding reception.

There was a third thing that I need to do but I can’t remember it anymore. Meh. It’ll come to me later.

So, we’re getting closer and closer to the cruise! I am getting so excited!! It’s nice to know that the only thing left to pay for is airfare. I’ve been checking airfarewatchdog on a regular basis and right now there is airfare to Miami for $159 per person, round trip, if we fly by January 9. Still hoping something will pop up for the week after since we’re going to fly down a day early for fun.

It’s taken me nearly three hours to complete this entry (darn flickr searching). So, I am tired and heading off to bed now.


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