End of the Week Update

I’ve been so lazy with this blog lately.

It’s like I’ve lost the drive to write about the events, thoughts, cares, and things of that nature, of my life.

Hmm. Maybe my current life is too routine and find that I would be writing about the same things, day after day, week after week, month after month; which, in return, would lead to a boring blog (like it’s that exciting to begin with). Meh. Whatever.

Tonight I watched The Illusionist. I am a mild Ed Norton fan and thought I’d give it a go – I had nothing else to do.

The movie was very good. I was surprised that the movie was able to capture my full attention, which is a difficult feat! Has anyone else seen the movie?

Since I mentioned Ed Norton, I have to mention the movie that brought him to my attention: Death to Smoochy. I don’t know what it is about this movie, but I absolutely LOVE it.

Now, my opinion about the movie Marie Antoinette isn’t so… nice. But, I will say… watching one of her children being placed on the horse drawn carriage to be buried brought me to tears. I can not imagine, nor do I want imagine, what it is like to loose a child. I don’t know how people can get over such a loss. I have no idea, nor do I want to know, what life would be like without Amelia.

There is more thought and emotion behind the talk of loosing a child.

I had a very bad dream last night. One of those dreams that don’t leave you.

In my dream, Greg, Amelia, and I were staying in a motel. Amelia was sleeping in another room from Greg and me. Greg and I were sitting on the bed when I heard a noise. I asked Greg if he heard it too and he stated he did not. We sat quiet for a few minutes and then we both heard something. Greg gets up and charges full speed into the other room where Amelia is and tackles whomever is in there. I hear the commotion of a fight and then silence. During this time I call 911 and decide to walk into the room to see what’s going on. Greg, Amelia, and the stranger were sitting on the floor; Greg and Amelia closest to me. As soon as I stepped foot into the entrance way, the stranger picked up a gun and shot at Greg! Then he aimed the gun at Amelia.

At that point, I was still on the phone with 911 and screaming that my husband and my baby were just shot. I ran out of the motel room screaming. My chest felt so heavy; my legs felts so heavy. I couldn’t breath, there was such a pressure on my chest – it hurt. Everything in me hurt.

I ran back into the motel room to check on Greg and Amelia and felt such an overwhelming sense of relief when I saw that Greg was still alive and well (the bullet only grazed him) and Amelia was unharmed.

I woke up at this point with adrenaline still surging through me; my heart was racing, my breathing was rapid –  it was as if I really ‘lived’ the dream. The dream was so real I had to check on Greg and Amelia to make sure they were ok.

I did fall back asleep and the dream continued where it left off, but not as heart aching as the beginning.

When I was telling Greg about the dream and all the things I felt, during the dream and afterwards when I was awake, he told me he had a very bad dream last week about loosing Amelia. In his dream a couple came into our place and kidnapped Amelia.

Now, I am not going to think about the fact that Greg and I, both, had dreams, within a week of each other, about loosing Amelia (or the closeness of loosing her). That would make me paranoid. But, it’s a little unsettling to have the dream I had and then hear about Greg’s.

Moving on to a less depressing topic….

Hurricane Hannah is, possibly, on her way up the East Cost and could ‘hit’ Maryland. A lot of people in the area are expecting/anticipating the adventures we had with Hurricane Isabel back in 2003. Oh, the memories from Hurricane Isabel. I was living in Catsonville (on the border of Baltimore City – it was a bad area and is still a bad area – so bad, there was a murder at the apartment complex! No joke), Adam and I were recently married – like a month prior – and I was working 2 jobs, one being at a grocery store in Ellicott City. Well, i had just stocked the freezer full of meat – like $80 worth (the grocery store had a buy one, get one free on roasts, hamburger meat, chicken, etc – it was an awesome sale and I received an employee discount of 10%). Anyway, the storm made its arrival and it started out uneventful… then, within a few hours we were without power (but still could cook because we had a gas stove). The power remained off for 8 days. Oh, and the apartment complex had the brilliant idea to convert all the entrance doors, a mere few weeks prior, to electronic doors, where you have to enter in a number code to gain entrance, and… guess what… no power, no way to get in. I placed tape over the locking part so we could get back in and someone actually yelled at me because I was making the place ‘unsafe’. Umm… ok. Oh, and the two highlights of the storm were the ‘fireworks’ (read: transformers blowing up all over the place) and driving in the storm – hey, I needed ice to save the meat!

So, to Hannah I say: Bring it on!

So. I must mention how much I LOVE this book:

Awesome Book

Best PS5 "How To' book out there

I swear the book was written just for me. I understand so much now, about Photoshop Elements 5, that I am looking forward to creating some really neat photo projects, such as our wedding announcements (which I already have an amazing idea for)!

Also, I am also in love with the XTi; I don’t know how I lived without an SLR all my life. The clarity of the pictures taken by the XTi far exceed my expectations:

all the pictures were taken with the “nifty fifty” lens, which, at the moment, is probably my favorite lens. I am so eager to get out this weekend, storm pending, and take some pictures with the XTi.

Well, another late post and I should head to bed.


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